Thursday, January 22, 2015

Is it too much?

I struggled to find a good title for this post and I'm not sure I found it. I thought about calling it "The Timeline" or "The Process", but nothing seemed to capture exactly what I was looking for. So I went with "Is it too much?"

Let me explain.

Yesterday I got an envelope in the mail with a baseball card in it. A single card. it was a ttm (through the mail) autograph of Hall of Famer Andre Dawson for my First Night Game at Wrigley Field Project. 

It's a great looking card and I am really excited to add it to my collection!

I posted about the card yesterday, so why am I talking about it again today?

Well, I wanted to go through my timeline with the card and ask the question; Is it too much?

So, after getting the envelope from the mailbox yesterday I came home and turned on the computer so I could make a YouTube video of me opening my SAFE (self addressed stamped envelope). 

Then I scanned the card so I could do a blog post, which you can find by clicking here or you can just scroll down to the post below.

Then I had to update my First Night Game at Wrigley Field Project post. 

Next, I posted about the ttm success on Twitter.

And finally, since it was an autograph I posted in a Facebook group that I'm part of called Baseball Autographs. 

I enjoy each of these social media outlets, but I felt compelled to post about this card in every single one and it just got me thinking. Is this too much?

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, especially if you yourself have had similar thoughts. Thanks!


  1. I don't think it is, unless you are feeling overwhelmed or over worked. Me, I have to clear lists from from as many different places, none of which is social media other than my blog if you can call that social media. The only thing that gets me a bit frustrated is if I forget to do one of the things. Congrats on the Dawson, feel free to give it to me whenever you want, LOL.

  2. It'd be too much for me. But then I have 3 blogs. Do whatever you enjoy and works in your schedule.

  3. What I do is, after I write a blog post, I then post it to Twitter, which I have set up to automatically repost my tweets to Facebook. Then, if the blog post fits the theme, I then share the post to the group. I generally only do this with NASCAR themed posts, though...the other groups are too uptight about posting blog posts for some reason.

  4. Probably should get Instagram too.