Monday, January 19, 2015

Trade with Shoebox Legends (Jeter RC pulled from a pack of 1993 Pinnacle)

Shane, of the blog Shoebox Legends, recently opened a box of 2014 Stadium Club and he pulled a redemption card for a Chris Owings autograph.

He was a little disappointed, so I tried to console him by telling him how good Owings will be for the D-Backs this year. Shane must not have believed me because he offered me the card. All kidding aside, I think Owings will have a decent year and start this year at shortstop for the D-Backs now that Didi Gregorious is gone.

Shane sent me the redemption card and included a bunch of other great D-Backs cards as well as a pack of 1991 Stadium Club Hockey and 1993 Pinnacle Baseball where I pulled a JETER RC!!! Thanks Shane!

Here is the Redemption Card.

Love these Target Red parallels of the D-Backs!

Lots of other great cards of past and present D-Backs!

Alright, so here is the Jeter RC from the 1993 Pinnacle pack! 

It may not have been the Jeter that most of you were thinking, but it was a pretty good pack.

The 1991 Stadium Club hockey pack only had one name I recognized, but it was a good one. 


  1. You got me at the Jeter. Nice trade though.

  2. I don't think Jeter would have been such a ridiculous OMG pull, so it was like, 'meh, so he pulled a Jeter rookie,' but the fact it was Shawn Jeter made the post that much more interesting.

  3. I always enjoy getting cards where they predict who will be a superstar in the future. Half the time it's almost a curse, and they never really do anything. I don't know enough about baseball to know how Pinnacle did there, but I have only ever seen a card company get the predictions totally right once, and even at that it was not much of a stretch (The predicted the 1993-94 NBA MVP in 1993-94 Topps)

  4. Brilliant teaser with the Jeter RC...haha!

    And, if you're gonna get any hockey player, Mess is the right one to get!!

  5. Glad you enjoyed everything! I got your package, which was awesome! Have a post half written but it's been a crazy week. I'll email you when it eventually goes up!