Monday, January 19, 2015

Trade with Lifetime Topps Project

Charlie, of the blog Lifetime Topps Project, contacted me about having some Topps cards I needed for my Topps D-Backs sets. I really want to complete these this year, so I was excited for the help! Thanks Charlie!

Charlie did not disappoint! He sent 14 cards I needed!

2 from 1998

2 from 1999 

1 from 2000 

4 from 2001

4 from 2013

1 from 2014

Charlie sent me one additional D-Back. Here's a great looking card of Tony Pena, even if Tony looks a little disinterested. 

Charlie sent me some great cards for my mini PC's. 

Here are three "stretching" cards. Love how the three are all different.

Check out the star power of these "broken bats". 14 All-Star appearances between them.

Pete kinda looks like a caveman, but he is carrying "multiple bats".

Finally, a card for my Cards Featuring Awards collection. I had a hot dog eating contest once with some co-workers at a D-Backs game. They have an all-you-can-eat section and we were there for a team builder. I ate 9 hot dogs, but lost. The winner ate 10. I wasn't full, just couldn't eat any more hot dogs. 

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  1. Glad we could put together a trade!