Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wallet Card Post #3 with Special Guest Andre Ellington

My Wallet Card joined my family and I today at Sam's Club for a Super Bowl promotion with Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington.

It was also good to see Moe from the blog My 2008 Topps Set Blog!

Here is my Wallet Card with my boys and I and Fizzy, the Pepsi mascot.

The Wallet Card joined my family and I in a huge blow up chair.

And finally, my Wallet Card joined us in a photo op with Andre Ellington.

Here is the 8 x 10 that Andre Ellington signed for us. 


  1. Thanks again for the heads up on this one. Great #walletcard pics too!

  2. Really cool! Ellington is going to be a star in a few years, I have a feeling!

  3. pretty cool you got to meet Ellington, i really enjoyed watching him at Clemson. he's going to be a nice player for the Cardinals!