Saturday, February 10, 2018

944 days

On Thursday I got a medium sized envelope in the mail with a return address label that said "Mail Mann Inc."

I sent a Walking Dead trading card to Andrew Lincoln back on 7/11/15. I got the card back unsigned on 2/8/18; 944 days later, but he included a 5 x 7 signed photo. This is my longest ttm return to date.

It's a black and white photo and it was signed with a silver paint pen, so the signature is a little hard to see on the scan.

Here is a close up of the signature.

I can tell it was actually signed because you can feel the paint where the signature is doubled up. I can also see on the back of the photo where it touched another photo that was signed. I just have no way of knowing who actually signed it. I'd like to think it was Andrew Lincoln. I'm a big Walking Dead fan and while Daryl is my favorite, Rick is a close second, so this is an awesome return for me especially after 944 days.


  1. Woof, nice return! The man who shows how insane/sane he is based on the scraggleyness of his beard.

  2. Patience pays. Congratulations! I really, really enjoyed the Walking Dead for years... but I'm not into as much these days. It's still on my watch list though.