Friday, February 16, 2018

Online Exclusives or just Over-Sized

I picked these up a while back off ebay, and by "a while back" I mean probably over a year ago*. They are the the online exclusive over-sized versions that Topps sells online. They're 5 x 7. I think I paid a couple of bucks each*, again I can't be sure because it was so long ago. Each is numbered to 49.

Because they aren't the standard size, I put them in a pile of stuff rather than in my Goldschmidt box and they got forgotten.

How do you feel about the online exclusives? How do you store your over-sized cards or do you just stay away from it altogether?

*My curiosity got the best of my and I had to check. I bought them on March 26, 2017 for $1.50 each from the same seller. Since I was looking I checked out what the seller currently has for sale and he still has one of the All-Star Goldschmidt cards for sale, but they want $9.99 now.


  1. I picked up a pair (base & gold) of a particular card I was super collecting but didn't bother trying to get the team set or anything. They are stored in the 5x7 toploader they came in, but in a shoebox with other oversized items instead of the rest of the rainbow.

  2. SSSHHHH. These 5X7's are my secret obsession that not that many people know about. Nobody seems to want them that bad and I usually am able to pick up 20 at a time when ebay sellers drop prices and combine shipping. I have been getting them autographed and they look amazing because the player has so much room to sign. They make penny sleeves, top loaders, and book pages for them just like regular sized cards. Plus, if you have one that is just too cool not to be displayed; they fit in a 5x7 picture frame.

  3. Does Goldschmidt sign a lot for fans during Spring Training? Both of these designs are perfect for getting signed.

  4. I've got a dozen of the 5by7 Vogelbach cards. I paged them up and they're in his binder.
    I like the idea of getting them signed as Scribbled Ink suggested. They definitely would look pretty sweet with an auto on them.

  5. I have only two by choice - a Finest Altuve and Archives Ty Cobb both #/10 and displayed on my sorting table. I picked them up specifically for decor. I'm not a fan of oversized cards due to storage issues.

  6. I have about 30 of the McCutchen cards. I bought a binder and use the Ultra Pro 5x7 2 pocket pages to store them. Normally I like to go after cards that were only produced in the maxi size aka Fire in 2014/2015 or any of the retro style All-star cards like your Goldschmidt. If I buy a maxi (that's what I call them) that has a standard cardboard size counterpart I tend to go for the Gold /10 parallels.