Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bubblegum and Bubbles

I've been going through a binder filled with 1982 Fleer and pulled out a bunch of cards for my mini collections. Let's start with bubblegum cards.

Back in 1975 Fleer sued Topps for the right to sell trading cards and gum. It took a while, but in 1980 the courts ruled in favor of Topps, so Fleer and Donruss produced cards and sold them with gum in 1981. In late 1981 a court overruled the decision and so starting in 1982 both Fleer and Donruss had to stop including gum with it's trading cards. Instead, Fleer would issue stickers and Donruss included puzzles pieces with its cards to get around the courts decision.

Now that the history lesson is over, here are a couple of cards with players blowing bubbles.

I think it would have been awesome if somehow Fleer had been able to get more pictures of players blowing bubbles as a thumbing of their nose to Topps.


  1. Bubble gum blowing PC. Gotta love our hobby. So many different ways to collect.

  2. thumbing the nose at Topps! a great hobby idea!