Sunday, December 9, 2012

My 10 Favorite Baltimore Orioles Base Cards

I've been sorting my cards by team and decided to do a Top 10 post featuring my 10 favorite base cards from every team. I'm going to start with the Baltimore Orioles.

Now keep in mind that their is really no ryme or reason why I picked the cards that I did other than I liked them. So some of the cards I choose might leave you...

...scratching your head, just like Curtis Goodwin here.
#10 - From the look on his face I'm guessing he was out, but it looks like he gave it everything he had.

#9 - Very basic, but I like it!

#8 - I give kudos to Upper Deck for capturing Mussina getting his first Major-League Hit.

#7 - Always amazed when multiple pitchers combine for a No-Hitter!

#6 - He's staring right at the camera and yet he still flexed his muscles.

#5 - Great card featuring Ripken hard at work. This card reminds me just how gruling the shortsop position is and he did it for 2,632 consecutive games.

#4 - I think Bobby Bo just saw a spider!

#3 - Just a great looking card! I'll never forget Alomar spitting in the umpires face as an Oriole and this card features Dan Wilson as the catcher. Bonus!

#2 - This Jamie Moyer card reminded me of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynomite.
#1 - Great card featuring two Iron Horses!


  1. There are some classic in here. Fun Fact: Robby Alomar and John Hirschbeck (the poor sap who was spat upon) are chaps now.

    "We are now great friends. We have done some things with charity. God put us maybe in this situation for something. But I think people who know me, people who have had the chance to be with me on the same team, know what kind of person I am. Anything I ever did wrong, I would confront it and now it is OK."

    -Robby Alomar

  2. Well done post. I love he Napoleon Dynamite reference. Can't wait for the next 29!

  3. Couldn't agree more with number 1. Spot on. The "No Hit Club" and Moose getting his first hit are my other favorites. Good list!

  4. I like your selection of cards! The Ripken/Gehrig is one of my favorites too!

  5. Nice top 10... both Ripken cards are amazing!