Sunday, December 23, 2012

My 10 Favorite Chicago White Sox Base Cards

I've been sorting my cards by team and decided to do a Top 10 post featuring my 10 favorite base cards from every team. Next up are the Chicago White Sox.

It's no secret that I am a Griffey Jr. fan. During the 1990's if you looked at the Hot List in Beckett it was a battle between Griffey and Frank Thomas for the number one spot. Even though he was the highest level of compition for my favorite player, I still have ton of respect for the Big Hurt and he has more than one card in this Top 10!

#10 - Just a unique shot that I thought was pretty cool!

#9 - Maglio looks like he just smelled a fart! 

#8 - Looking through my White Sox cards I have determined that they have had some of the worst uniforms out there. Here is one example. Add the huge hair and the look on his face and it makes it into my Top 10 list.
#7 - The White Sox wear green unifroms on St. Patricks Day during Spring Training.

 #6 - How would you like to face the Big Hurt with him swinging that!

#5 - This card screams cool to me. I'm not a huge Swisher fan but he does seem to enjoy playing the game.

#4 - How big do you think his bi-ceps are? I think his unforms must be custom made.

#3 - Just a cool shot of Aaron Rowand taking some BP.

#2 - Love the fact that you can see all of the hands reaching out for the ball. I hate it when I watch highlights and the fans either don't even move or they back away.

#1 - Awesome shot of the Big Hurt at an indoor batting cage.  


  1. Great list! The Rowand is probably favorite out of this bunch, I have a copy of that one in my collection as well.

    Still, you can't go wrong with "The Big Hurt" at #1, either!

  2. Another great list. That 1992 Topps card of Thomas is pretty awesome. One of my favorite cards of him is his 1990 Leaf. I've always liked the plain design and the classic photo.