Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 10 Favorite Cleveland Indians Base Cards

I've been sorting my cards by team and decided to do a Top 10 post featuring my 10 favorite base cards from every team. Next up are the Cleveland Indians.

While this is a Top 10 list, there is really no particular order. The only qualifications are that it must be a base card and I must own it. So here we go!
Kenny Lofton attended the University of Arizona on a basketball scholarship and didn't try out for the baseball team until his Junior year. He only played in 5 games and only had one official at-bat when he was dreafted by the Astros in the 17th round of the 1988 MLB Draft. Lofton played for 11 teams over the course of his career, but to me he will always be an Indian and he will always be stealing bases.
I love cards that feature a catcher in full gear.

I love the emotion depicted on this card. Martinez is furious. The umpire is having to hold him back from somebody that either hit him or came really close.

Omar Vizquel is one of the most underrated players out there. I know he played last season, but I think he did retire. His 2,877 hits and 11 Gold Gloves may eventually get him into the Hall of Fame. Here's a card depicting his athletisism and it also features Dan Wilson, so that's a bonus!

Albert Belle was a monster at the plate and had multiple issues with teammates, opponents, fans, reporters, Major League Baseball, and even a few trick-or-treaters, so I thought this 1993 Upper Deck Team Checklist card depicted him well.

I did think it odd that his regular card from 1993 Upper Deck shows him in a playful mood, smiling away at the camera. Oh, the many sides of Joey, I mean Albert Belle.

Here's another 1993 Upper Deck card, this time featuring Glenallen Hill. Not sure what happened prior to this photo being taken, but I would love to find out. Maybe an incedent with teammate Albert Belle perhaps. Whateve it was this card reminds me of a UFC fighter getting ready right before the fight.

Obviously Carlos Baerga was ducking out of a fear for his life here, but I prefer to think that he was trying to give the pitcher a half inch strike zone.

This time Baerga takes a different approach at bat.

Jim Thome is another underrated player in my opinion. Just a five time all-star during his 20+ year career, Thome has quietly amassed 612 home runs at the time of this post and is 7th on the all-time list.



  1. Love that Alomar, it's on the first page of my catcher binder.

  2. I like the Lofton ! We need a player like him again,although Kipnis is close.

  3. That Carlos Martinez card is awesome! I'd never seen it before this post.