Thursday, February 21, 2019

An Unexpected Purchase

I've mentioned some of the Facebook groups that I'm in and this card came from one of the groups. The seller posted the card as a raffle, but essentially I bought all the raffle spots and just purchased it.

I work directly across the street from the Angels Spring Training stadium and so I have a soft spot for the Angels and Ohtani. It's a cool card that doesn't lose much in my opinion as a result of the lack of logos, and to be honest, I thought I could flip it and earn a few bucks. We'll see if I end up going that direction.

What was your last unexpected purchase?


  1. I didn't know you were working in the east valley now. That has to be quite a haul for you every day.

  2. "(R)affle spots"

    I'd be wary of online groups that openly do raffles, can lead to trouble.
    Nice card all the same though, will be interesting to see how his market (which was an anomaly to begin with) fluctuates.

  3. Cleat card? That's sweet. Last unexpected purchase? I won a Bart Starr autograph I didn't think I'd win... but I did.

  4. I bought an autographed card of Jessica Henwick because I liked her in the Iron Fist Netflix series. The card is from Game of Thrones, which I never saw. Furthermore, ufortunately news broke the day I won the auction for $10 that they were cancelling the Iron Fist series.