Thursday, February 14, 2019

More 1962 Topps Yankees

Yesterday was a 1962 Topps Mickey Mantle Te Switch Hitter Connects card from the Vintage Yankees lot that I picked up on a Facebook group for $40 shipped.

Here are a couple more cards from that lot from 1962 Topps.

First up is a World Series Highlights card featuring Roger Maris.

 Take a look at the back of the card. I know what AB, R, H, and E represent, but what are the O and A for?

Here's a Whitey Ford card from the 1962 Topps set. It's titled Ford Tosses A Curve.

The back of the card features his stats. I've got to think this is similar to his regular card in the set. Not sure why Topps didn't provide a write up on the back rather than a repeat of stats.

These cards serve a purpose for me as they will take a spot in my Topps Page-A-Year binder. I'm down to just needing a handful of cards to finish up this project. Who else is working on this type of project? How far along are you, or have you completed it? Let me know.


  1. O and A are Fielding Outs and Assists.

  2. I can totally get on board with picking up a bunch of vintage cards on the cheap but come on get a better team!!! lol

  3. Gorgeous cards! Not a Yankees fan here, but those are sweet!

    Nice pick-ups!

  4. I've got a Topps Page-A-Year, aka Flagship binder in the works, but got a long way to go.

  5. Dang. You hit the lottery with this Yankees lot. So many awesome cards. Don't think I've seen that Maris before, but I love the well cropped action shot. And that Ford has been on my wantlist for quite some time.