Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Better than a Blaster: Paul Goldschmidt Edition

Most of my recent post have been vintage and for good reason. I've been buying more vintage recently, but I've picked up some newer cards as well.

I got this card off ebay a while back for less the than the price of a blaster and that included shipping.I won the card auction style for $15.50 and paid $3.50 for shipping, so $19 total.

Most of you reading this are probably familiar with how Topps Now cards are sold. Sold directly through the Topps web site, this card retailed for $74.99. A bargain considering the price Topps charged for the cards numbered to 49, 25, 10, and 1.

At a discount of more than $50 over the original price, I don't see how Topps can keep this up, considering they don't hold there value. How long do you think that Topps Now will last?


  1. great deal for you!! So many 'dealers/flippers" purchase NOW cards in bulk for a discount. Even the autos sell out the same day. I was fortunate to get thru on the site after the 2017 World Series. I was able to obtain an Altuve auto/99 without going thru Ebay/secondary market. I've tried before but the activity on Topps servers kept me at bay. As long as there are buyers, NOW will do fine. For few regular NOW cards on my list, I've taken to Ebay where these can be purchased for less than the price paid thru Topps, thanks to those bulk buyers!

  2. Oh man. I hope this guy wasn't the original owner who dished out the $74.99. If so... that would be a punch in the gut. In a perfect world this card switched hands 20 to 40 times... each time taking a small loss. Anyways... congratulations on the nice eBay win! My brother-in-law and I were just talking about Goldschmidt this weekend. He's a huge Diamondbacks fan (they live in Scottsdale) and was so bummed that he got traded to the Cardinals. He was telling me that he had a great reputation among fans and that he'd often go to local hospitals and visit kids. That's pretty cool. I hope he continues to dominate at he plate in St. Louis. Although he'll always be a Diamondback in my mind.

  3. Beautiful Goldy!

    I'm sure Topps must be doing well with the Now cards. People still buy them, even if they often don't hold their value very well.

  4. Wow, I can't believe you got that for less than a blaster. I didn't realize some of the NOW cards sunk in value like that.
    I think Topps Now is here to stay. Topps makes their profit on the initial sale, and obviously the card sold. I doubt they give two cents worth if the seller makes a profit on the card or not.

  5. Sweet card. I think Now wont be going away anytime soon. Its a flawless strategy. They only produce enough cards that there is interest for. If people stop buying at huge rates, they just produce less cards.