Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What are the odds?

With my most recent COMC shipment I got the 1953 Topps cards and some 1957 Topps for my Topps Page-a-Year Binder, but there was one other card in the shipment.

It's a 1999 UD MVP Travis Lee Gold Script card numbered to 100. I can't find anything that lists the odds of pulling a Gold Script card from a pack, probably because they were hobby exclusive and being numbered to 100 you could then figure out at least how many cards were produced, even if just for the hobby version, and I'm sure the number is astronomical and Upper Deck probably didn't want it out there. Anyone have any guesses as to the odds of the Gold Script cards?

I enjoy picking up rare Travis Lee cards and will continue to try to pick up cards of his numbered to 100 or less whenever I can find them at a good price.

Do you have a player from the 90's that's not a star that you still enjoy picking up their cards?

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  1. Don't know the odds... but they were tough. I think I pulled one or two out of basketball, but don't remember pulling any baseball.