Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Another Vintage Yankee: Mickey Mantle

If you read my post yesterday, I'm sure you've been dying to know what else I got in the New York Yankees vintage lot. Okay, maybe...maybe not. But besides the 1958 World Series Batting Foes card featuring Mantle and Aaron, this card jumped out at me.

It's a 1962 Topps The Switch Hitter Connects card featuring Mickey Mantle. The 1958 card and now this 1962 card are the only cards of Mantle that I have from his playing days and this one is in pretty good shape, especially when comparing it to the 1958 World Series Batting Foes card.

I paid $40 shipped for the vintage Yankees lot. So far you've seen the 1953 Topps Yogi Berra, the 1958 Mantle and Aaron World Series Batting Foes card, and now the 1962 Mantle, The Switch Hitter Connects card. To me, these are the three most interesting cards from the lot. You'll have to wait to see the remaining 9 cards from this lot.


  1. Even on cardboard that swing looks sweet!

  2. I remember seeing this card in the case at the card shop I worked at back in the early 90's. Haven't really given it much thought since then... but I might need to track down an affordable copy for my binder. Love the full stats on the back.

  3. I see that your way of coping with the Goldy trade is to switch to being a Yankees fan. Smart!