Saturday, February 11, 2017

3 cards that made me forget about 2017 Topps for a day.

On February 1st everyone was going crazy over the release of 2017 Topps Series I. Okay, not everyone, but the first baseball cards of 2017 garnered a lot of attention from collectors and the blogosphere, YouTube, and Twitter was a buzz with images of Topps new issue.

The night before I took a little trip to Target in hopes of procuring a pack or two a day early, but I didn't have any luck.

I didn't open any 2017 Topps on the 1st. I waited until the 2nd. What was it that got me to wait, even if it was just a day? Well I happened to get a package from ebay on the first that made me forget about 2017 Topps long enough for me to wait until the next day to track down the new cards.

I purchased a lot of 25, 1984 Fleer cards. It was one of those listings where just the card numbers are listed and you can pick any 25 you want to "complete your set". I paid under $5 shipped for the 25 cards, so less than 20 cents a card.

There was really only 3 cards that I wanted, but it was fun to hand pick the other 22.

I would have considered these three alone for under $5 shipped a bargain.

Let's see the rest of the 25 card lot. There are some rookie cards, a couple of unique names, a few Mormons, some Hall of Famers, some famous fathers, a great pair of sunglasses, a couple cards for ttm, and Dale Murray (I had picked out 24 cards and just needed one more, so I picked #134).


  1. Those first 3 are fantastic, especially the Hubbard. Gotta love Rusty Kuntz, and those Padres unis. Look at Jose Cruz getting buff, haha. And if Vance Law wasn't wearing a glove, I'd assume he was part of the space program.

    Matthew Scott will be happy you picked up a Teke.

  2. Great picks! "Party on Dane. Party on Garth." Schwinggg!

  3. Hubbard - i never noticed the mascots in the background. Iorg brothers?? Johnstone is a nut case - I need to read his book. Well Daniel, four more cards I now need for my odd files. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Really cool cards. I have been sorting out a bunch of 1980s cards over the last month or so, love looking at the old uniforms. My favorites here are the blue road Cardinals and the brown and orange Padres. Wish the Friars would go back to those full time.

  5. I love Vuckovich's mustache. That card is definitely a keeper!
    And, Jose Cruz lifting weights in the dugout? You don't see that everyday!

  6. Love, love, love the 1984 Fleer set. All 3 of those cards are awesome! But my favorite would be the McReynolds. He was with the Padres when I first started cheering them on back in the mid 80's. I'm still waiting for Topps to include him in their Fan Favorites autograph set as a Padre.