Thursday, February 2, 2017

HOF Class off 2017: Jeff Bagwell

Jeff Bagwell was recently elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and will be inducted this summer and so I thought I would organize my Jeff Bagwell collection.

I have 145 different Bagwell cards.

Here is a breakdown by year. In parenthesis are the number of different cards I have from that year.

1991 (5)

1992 (8)

1993 (8)

1994 (6)

1995 (6)

1996 (6)

1997 (3)

1998 (17)

1999 (13)

2000 (16)

2001 (2)

2002 (14)

2003 (23)

2004 (14)

2005 (3)

2006 (1)

Jeff Bagwell played his entire big league career for the Houston Astros (1991 - 2005). Despite impressive career numbers (.297/449/1,529) over just 15 seasons, Bagwell was just a 4 time All-Star and it took him 7 years to get elected to the Hall of Fame. Fellow Hall of Famers Hank Aaron and Stan Musial; for example, played for 20+ seasons.

Here are my thoughts on my Jeff Bagwell collection.

1) I have 4 different rookie cards and at least 100 cards of the new Hall of Famer. No game used or autograph. Not looking to add any more at this point.

2) In addition to 145 different cards, I have 49 doubles.

3) Happy to have a card from every year he played, in addition to one card from the year after her retired. It has his career totals, but does not show every year, which is a little disappointing.

Let's take a quick look at some card backs and see what we can find out about Bagwell.

So there is a recap of my Bagwell collection as of the day of this post.


  1. super collection! i wonder how many I have??? perhaps one day, later this year I'll know for sure. Bagwell was one of my fave 90s players. Glad he made the Hall!

  2. I've had fun going through my player collections and looking at all the different cards.

  3. My uncle was good friends with Ken Caminiti so when Jeff was just getting to the majors, I was getting a bunch of cards signed in ballpoint pen (d'oh!!!) by him and Craig Biggio. I still have them in my attic, but the pen has faded considerably.

    1. That's really cool! Too bad they were in ballpoint.