Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The spoils

My wife got me two packs of 2017 Topps Series I for Valentine's Day. I didn't pull anything crazy, but it was fun to open a couple packs.

Here are the highlights.

Such a simple shot, but I like it.

Hoping to get Lindor to sign this during Spring Training.

The back of this card mentions that Stanton is the 7th fastest player to 200 home runs. He is currently sitting at 208 homers. Anyone think he has a shot at 500?

This was a nice pull for me. I'm pretty sure this is the first year that the D-Backs got any First Pitch cards. 

What are your thoughts on the RC logo being on an insert card? I don't like it. 

I didn't buy these with Valentine's Day in mind, but they did arrive on Valentine's Day so I'll consider them a Valentine's gift to myself. 

I picked these up with some specific cards in mind that I recently ordered from comc. Quick question for you about comc. I placed the order on 2/11 and I got an email saying they expect the order to ship on 2/22. Why do you think there's a 10 day delay? Are they that busy? Or are they just hoping people will pay more for the expedited shipping? For me I think it's the later.

Anyone else get cards or hobby related gifts for Valentine's Day?


  1. Actually my COMC order arrived on Valentine's Day, so I did get a Valentine's Day 'gift' of sports cards. I'm not sure why COMC needs ten days time to ship your order, though that's a good theory. I'm guessing it will arrive 2-3 days earlier than expected though. That's what usually happens, unless you've got a card in their Canadian warehouse or something.

  2. I got a pair of 1/1s I bought myself that arrived yesterday. Does that count?

  3. My Valentine's Day cards came from 2016. Oh, well, at least they were cards.

  4. My COMC order arrived yesterday. It wasn't estimated to ship until 2/20. My guess is that your order will arrive sooner, as well. They usually do for me.

    And I don't like the RC on inserts, either.

  5. Because of COMC's shift towards eBay consignments, I think shipping for stuff bought on the COMC Web site are given less priority unless an expedited option is chosen.

  6. Over the years, my COMC orders usually arrive quicker than what they estimate. Maybe they're so busy... they'd rather be safe than sorry. Hope you get your package soon

  7. Wait, we were supposed to get baseball cards for Valentine's Day? I got a couple of cards, but one came in the mail from my Mom and the other was from my wife. They were nice, but now I want baseball cards.

  8. Saving my Valentine's karma for a card show this weekend. I'm gonna treat myself!!