Friday, February 10, 2017

A three card PWE!

P-town Tom was lucky enough to get three D-Backs cards in his 2017 Topps Series I jumbo pack and he sent them to me. Thanks Tom! 

I need the D-Backs for my Topps D-Backs team sets and I'm going to need them for my 2017 Topps since I'm going after every Topps set since my birth year.

I'll look for some 2017 Cubs doubles and inserts to send your way Tom. 

Who's going to try to complete the 2017 set? Do you collect it only if you like it or do you collect it because you collect every set? If you're a set collector, do you collect just Series I and II or do you have to get the Traded/Update sets as well? Let me know. I'm new to this set collecting thing.


  1. I don't collect set. If I wanted this one I'd buy a factory version. I did buy a Cubs team set and I'll most likely buy the Series two and Update as well.

  2. I set collect. But I only do ones that intrigue me. I like challenges to be honest and ones that look great. Right now I am chasing down Spx sets of the 90's and the Ex sets. I have kinda backed down from newer sets.

    But, if I collected newer sets, I would have to do both series 1 and 2. Not so much update as I look at that as a seperate product, but you can't do series 1 without series 2 in my hobby ocd opinion lol.

    I have seen a lot of people however "cheat" set collect and just buy the completed sets when they come out.

  3. I'm a set builder at heart, but like SCC I enjoy a little bit of a challenge and the set has to really look great. I did not build any sets in 2016 because nothing really spoke to me, so instead I completed a bunch that I had stalled on over the years.
    The last time I collected Topps flagship product was 2011, and I felt building the update series after S1 & S2 was a must.
    I've thought about heritage for this year, because I've always been a fan of the 1968 design, but we'll see.
    I'm glad you could use the Dbacks I sent. I'm sorry there wasn't anything more interesting, but you only purchase one jumbo pack you take what you can get I suppose. I do like the fact that three different uniforms are on the cards!