Wednesday, February 8, 2017

HOF Class of 2017: Tim "Rock" Raines

Tim Raines was recently elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and will be inducted this summer and so I thought I would organize my Raines collection.

I have 34 different Tim "Rock" Raines cards.

Here is a breakdown by year. In parenthesis are the number of different cards I have from that year.

1981 (1)

1982 (0)

1983 (0)

1984 (0)

1985 (0)

1986 (1)

1987 (1)

1988 (2)

1989 (4)

1990 (6)

1991 (6)

1992 (3)

1993 (1)

1994 (1)

1995 (1)

1996 (2)

1997 (1)

1998 (1)

1999 (0)

2000 (1)

2001 (0)

2002 (2)

Raines played for the Montreal Expos (1979 - 1990), Chicago White Sox (1991 - 1995), New York Yankees (1995 - 1998), Oakland Athletics (1999), Montreal Expos (2001), Baltimore Orioles (2001), and Florida Marlins (2002).

When I look at my Time Raines collection I have a few thoughts.

1) I was surprised to see how few Raines cards I currently have. In addition to no rookie cards, I don't have any game used or autographs. I will try to add some cards to my collection: including a rookie card. I'd like to have 100 different cards.

2) I didn't realize Raines played for the Expos twice during his career and I don't remember his time with the A's, Orioles, or Marlins even though I have cards featuring him on the A's and Marlins.

3) Raines first 12 full seasons were amazing and his last 9 seasons were below average for the most part, partly due to illness and injuries. Raines didn't play in 2000 at all as he was signed by the Yankees but was released during Spring Training. I know I might ruffle some feathers, but I don't think he had a Hall of Fame career. I understand why it took him 10 years to get voted in.

4) I never realized until now that Raines has lupus. He was diagnosed in 1999. My mother has had lupus for many years.

5) I don't have any cards of Tim that feature him on the Orioles. I didn't realize until now that Raines played with his son at the major league level in 2001 with the Orioles. That is pretty cool. There has to be a card or two commemorating that. 

Let's take a quick look at some card backs and see what we can find out about Tim Raines.

And there you have it. A look at my Tim "Rock" Raines collection.


  1. I liked Rock on those early White Sox teams. I don't remember much of his best years because I was too young.

  2. Rock's tenure with the Orioles was very brief and arranged entirely so that he could play in a game with his son as a teammate. Quite the heart-warming story, actually.

  3. #1 I'm the same way with my collection. When I check to see what I have of someone I am often surprised one way or the other. Either I have very little and thought I had more or I have a whole ton I didn't remember having. Usually it is the latter as I am very very disorganized and my card hoa...collection is even worse. The shame is when I was a little kid I was super organized. I even used to have my clothes drawers neatly organised back then.

  4. That 1990 Donruss Best of the NL card is pretty sweet. Normally, I'm not a big fan of that design, but the colored border and jersey match perfectly... plus it's a great action shot without any limbs cropped off.