Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I added some prizes for my loyalty program.

I've added 10 or so cards to the prizes for my loyalty program. Check them out here. I'll post a few cards below that I've added. Let me know if you want something. Nobody has redeemed their points yet.

I'm also thinking about selling the prizes for a penny a point. So for example, the Michal Fulmer card below can be had for 50 points or 50 cents. Let me know if there would be any interest in that aspect of the loyalty program.


  1. Daniel since you're the 'point man', perhaps you can tell me where I stand? I would love to have the purple Heritage Fulmer! Thanks for the program!

    1. Julie, you have 75 points. Just say the word and I'll send it your way. Just send me an email to confirm your address. You'll get a bonus for being the first to redeem points!