Friday, February 3, 2017

I'm all about that base. 2013 Topps base that is.

Chris from the blog Nachos Grande messaged me on twitter a week ago saying he had a Diamondbacks card off my want list and asked for my address.

Less than a week later this 2013 Topps Jason Kubel card showed up in my mailbox courtesy of @Nachos_Grande.

I love this Kubel card. He's obviously celebrating a home run at Chase Field. I have three of the Opening Day versions. five of the Topps Chrome versions, a gold parallel and an emerald parallel, but up until a couple of days ago I didn't have the base version.

Not only did I need this card, but it completes my 2013 Topps Diamondbacks team set, so that's even better.

In addition to this Kubel card, Chris added a few addition D-Backs cards inside the pwe.

Thank you very much Chris and for knocking off the Kubel card off my Diamondbacks Topps Needs List I awarded you 10 It's like having my own Card Shop Loyalty Points.


  1. I really like the Brandon Webb Ovation, it's a very cool design and the purple blends in seamlessly. He was a heck of a pitcher for that 3-4 year stretch. And I liked Cody Ross when he was on Boston.

    1. I miss Upper Deck baseball cards and specifically Ovation.