Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The fate of the It's like having my own Card Shop Loyalty Program!

With January coming to an end it's time to evaluate my It's like having my own Card Shop Loyalty Program. When I started the program on January 7th I stated that I would run it through January and evaluate it and decide if it would continue.

First off, I want to thank everyone that has participated in my little experiment. I've had fun with it and I hope you have too!

I am going to continue the program, but I'm not going to be awarding points for comments going forward. It's just becoming too much work to keep track of that aspect of it. I'm sure that comments will decrease, but that's okay.

Everyone that has earned points up to this point will keep them and I'll make sure there are plenty of ways to earn points going forward.

Points will still be earned by sending me cards that I need.

Earn 10 points for each different Paul Goldschmidt card you send me.
Earn 10 points for each different Ken Griffey Jr. card you send me.
Earn 5 points for each different Mike Piazza card you send me.
Earn 10 points for sending me a specific card off my Want Lists.

I'll also be running some contests where everyone that participates will earn points in addition to a prize going to the winners.

I also plan on randomly awarding points for commenting on certain posts. So for example, somewhere in the post I'll indicate that commenting on this particular post will allow you to earn points.

In addition, I'll look for other ways to awards points. Again, it was just keeping track of every single comment was getting to be too much. It also didn't help that this last week or so have been really hectic around our house with three doctor's visits, two trips to urgent care, my wife's grandmother being in the hospital and now a rehab facility, a major ($2000) car repair, and a stressful week at work.

So here are the updated Loyalty Points totals.

Bloggers Totals
defgav 10
Al Kawamoto 5
P-Town Tom 75
unclemoe 40
Brian Stryker/Collecting Cutch 50
Bo 30
Corky 15
SpastikMoss 5
CardinalsFan16 45
Matthew Scott 35
Reds Card Collector 5
Laurie D 5
Billy Kingsley 25
Nick 5
arpsmith 5
J. Meeks 15
Tony Burbs 20
Fuji 70
Jedi Jeff 10
The Angels In Order 5
Kin Kinsley 35
Greg Zakwin 5
Julie Owens 75
Sport Card Collector 65
B Man 5
gcrl 5
The Lost Collector 5
night owl 5
Trevor P 10
Chris 5
Doc 45
Hackenbush 15
Dan 5
Swing And A Pop-up 5
Nacho Grande 10

You can find the prizes here and I'll keep adding to the prizes as the year goes on.


  1. One thing I thing (like Fuji used to do) to encourage comments is at the end of the month, randomly pick a post from that previous month and award points to everyone who commented on that one post. Just a thought if you want to encourage people to comment but without you having to keep track of it all.

  2. Sorry about the rough week buddy. Hope things turn around sooner than later. I completely understand the issue with the points and comments. I used to hold a summer contest that involved awarding points for comments. It was a ton of fun, but it was also a ton of book keeping.

    Anyways... I enjoy commenting (when I have the time), so points or not, I'll still leave my 2¢ on your posts ;)

  3. I just picked up a few Dbacks cards for you! Sorry for the tough week. Sometimes when it rains it pours. First beer is on me in mid May!

    1. Looking forward to meeting you in person! I'll have some Pirates for you as well.

  4. Oh man. Hope things turn around. Been tough in mine as well.

    Wishing you luck in this future points endeavor. I wished I could get more comments too. Just can't figure out a way. Sending cards for points that you and Wes are doing is pretty cool. The get what you want and give away what you don't need process.

    1. Thanks! I'm still looking forward to the Loyalty Program. It will just be a little different and less stressful.