Saturday, February 4, 2017

Random Extras

I purchased a small lot of Paul Goldschmidt cards off ebay recently and the seller messaged me a few days later saying he was having some trouble shipping them, but that they would be mailed the next day. He said he would throw in some extras because of the delay. When he mentioned this I thought it might be an extra Goldschmidt or some D-Backs.

I was wrong.

The majority of the extras were Mets.

Michael Conforto

Jacob DeGrom

Noah Syndergaard

There were a couple non Mets cards.

And then there were two very random 1986 Garbage Pail Kids cards. 

What the best "extra" you've ever gotten from an ebay seller? 


  1. I'm not sure what my best eBay extra has been, because it's been such a long time.. but that's a pretty nice haul you got just for a slight shipping delay.

    If you don't have any use for the the Price & the GPKs perhaps we can work out a deal. I'm sure I've got a decent lot worth of D-Backs but I doubt I have any Goldy other than a base or two.

    1. Send me your address and they are yours. daniel24303 at gmail dot com

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, and prizes for my Loyalty Program.

  3. Not a bad bunch of extras... those Fire cards make me take notice every time I see one.

  4. i can see how the seller thought you'd enjoy Mets and GPK. I'll start saving these for you...not. ;) Good trade bait though!

  5. My best throw in was a Dave Parker autograph. The lot of cards I bought was a bunch of high end Pirates around 2015 consisting of Triple Threads, Tribute, Supreme, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to get it when the seller said I put an extra card in the lot for you.