Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TTM Tuesday

I got three ttms back this past week.

First up is Jose Cruz Jr. Cruz was a highly touted prospect when he came up to the big leagues in 1997 with the Mariners, but only spent a few months with Seattle before being traded to the Blue Jays.

He would spend next 5 seasons north of the border and his last 6 seasons in the majors would be split between 7 different teams; including 3 different teams in 2005. He did win a Gold Glove in 2003 with the San Francisco Giants.

Next up is Brady Kahle. Brady has a great story! He started selling his baseball card collection a few years ago to help out a friend that has cancer. CARDS4ACAUSE is the name of his charity. I'm sure most of you are familiar, but if not I'd encourage you to look him up. 

He was featured on a 2016 Topps First Pitch card, which I sent to him and he signed.

I included a small donation with my ttm request and he also included an Upper Deck card that features him and his cause.

Finally, we have racing legend Al Unser Sr. I sent the request to the Unser Racing Museum and he returned the Allen & Ginter card I sent as well as two cards of his own.


  1. Love the Unsers! Al drove the coolest race car of all-time, the Johnny Lightning Special

  2. I didn't know about the Brady Kahle charity... thanks for sharing!
    BTW, I can't picture Jose Cruz, Jr. without a pair of sunglasses.

  3. I've gotten TTM requests back from Bobby and Al Unser...haven't tried Junior yet. Congrats!