Friday, March 6, 2015

A box of cards from Hot Corner Cards!

Pat, of the blog Hot Corner Cards, blew me away with a box of awesome D-Backs cards yesterday! So many great Diamondbacks cards Pat! Thank you so much!

My favorite was this 2015 Topps First Home Run Coin Card of Paul Goldschmidt. It's just awesome!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with these at this point, but these cards are super thick and heavy, but I think it's that card that is heavy and not the coin. Still an awesome card and I love it even more because I remember watching that game that he hit his first home run and I picked up the ticket stub off ebay and then just got him to sign it a couple weeks ago.

Pat sent several other Goldschmidt cards!

Pat sent several Brandon Webb cards as well. Here is my favorite. I needed it as well so that's another bonus! 

Pat sent a couple of minis. I love the Aaron Hill. You might notice the number 19 patch on his jersey. In 2013, 19 volunteer firefighters from Prescott Arizona died while fighting a wildfire. I was at the game that they debuted these tribute patches and held a moment of silence for the lives that were lost, so seeing that means a lot to me. 


Pat sent the Goldschmidt coin card and 4 team bags stuffed with D-Backs, so it was tough to pick a few to represent the many, but here are a few other many additional awesome cards that Pat sent. Thanks again Pat!


  1. Pat sent some great cards. Thanks for sharing the backstory on the 19 patch. How sad for the families, and the community!