Sunday, March 1, 2015

Contest Winnings from The Chronicles of Fuji

Fuji, of the blog The Chronicles of Fuji, held a contest recently in connection with some 1995 Denny's cards he had picked up.

The prize was a starter set of 15 different cards and 15 unopened packs. I ended up winning and I got my prize the other day. Thanks Fuji!

It's a 28 card set, so it was possible, but not likely that I would get be able to make a complete set.

I didn't, but I think I did pretty good. Out of the 15 unopened packs 8 cards were needed for the set. Now I only need 5 cards to complete the set. I still need #5, #8, #12, #13, and #28.

Here are the doubles that I got from the unopened packs. I actually ended up with 3 extra Maddux cards, which is a good one to get extras of in my opinion.

I was also really happy to get an extra Griffey which I can put with my Griffey PC. I love the back of the card. Check out the size of his bat. 

Thanks again for the contest Fuji!


  1. Denny's was always good for terrific cards. Now, if only their food was a little better...

  2. r u kidding.. i love dennys sausage gravy & biscuits. mmmm mmmmm good!

  3. Lol... I pulled at least two (maybe three) extra Maddux's myself. Better than a bunch of Alou's.