Saturday, March 14, 2015

An unexpected TTM or a Fake: Clayton Kershaw

Yesterday I got a ttm in the mail. I haven't kept track on my ttm requests very well recently and I haven't sent a ton out recently either so I didn't know who to expect.

I did see this postmark though and thought it looked familiar.

In my head I was thinking Kershaw, but I know he only sends back in February. I also know he's not in Texas right now. He's in Phoenix, AZ at Camelback Ranch for Spring Training. So I knew it wasn't going to be Kershaw.

When I opened the envelope though the first thing I saw was this.

This followed.

I did some checking around and a few other people got Kershaw back yesterday as well. So did these get stuck somewhere for the last month and just recently made it to the post office? I guess that's possible. Could Kershaw have gone back to Texas for a day or two during spring training and found a few more requests that he forgot to sign earlier? Maybe. I should be really happy, but I can't help but question whether or not it's real. 

I'm not naive to think that when I send a ttm request out that someone other than the player signs my card. I didn't see it being signed, so I have no idea who actually signed it.

Am I being paranoid?

I got another Kershaw back in February, like most everyone else. Take a look.

I'm not an autograph expert, but even I can tell that there are a lot of differences between these two signatures. Now, again I'm not saying that someone can't have some discrepancies in their signature from time to time, but it does make me question a little bit.

What do you think? Real or Fake?


  1. I personally think it's real.

    Either way it's awesome to get a return back from Kershaw. Congrats.

  2. Hard to say. I do know that when I sign a bunch of documents at once my signature changes a bit. The top looks more fluid, like he had been signing for awhile. The bottom looks more pronounced and a little slower, which is the way my signature looks when I just get started signing a stack of something.

    I think I just talked myself into believing they're both legit.

  3. Until we know more, I believe they're all real. The variance in signatures isn't too far off, and I've seen him sign both ways before. I hope they're not fake, but it's worth believing that they're good until more info is known

  4. without holding the card, it's impossible to tell, but it looks like an autopen. It wouldn't surprise me... it's happening more and more.

  5. I'm going with the a pile of mail got misplaced theory.

  6. My guess is he pre-signed his mail before he left for spring training but whomever was helping him sort things out was just a little bit delayed.

  7. Betting on real, much like most of the comments. I'd say the discrepancies in the two signatures are likely due to the spacing on the horizontal card and a vertical card. Basically the Archives one looks more compressed because it has less space.

    If it was an autopen, you wouldn't notice any difference, and there'd be no size difference.

    I got a Kershaw back on 3/11 - I need to work up a post on it.