Sunday, March 29, 2015

Unexpected package from Infield Fly Rule

Last week I got an unexpected package from Adam, of the blog Infield Fly Rule.

Adam and I have traded in the past and so Adam know what I like and he did not disappoint. He sent some fantastic cards of former D-Backs in other uniforms, technology cards, D-Backs cameo cards, and a card of Griffey Jr. Sadly, none of these will be shown in this post because he sent so many other awesome cards! Thanks Adam!

There weren't a ton of D-Backs in the package, but this is a nice Goldschmidt that I don't think I already have.

Here is another D-Back card of Randy Johnson. The only card of Randy Johnson in a Diamondbacks uniform that Adam sent, but certainly not the only card of Randy Johnson that Adam sent. 

Most of the Johnson cards feature him in a Mariners uniform, but....

...there was one of him as a Giant and...

...a rookie card of him as an Expo! 

There were a ton of "dirt" cards. Here are just a few.

And last, but not least. Donuts...mmmm,,,donuts.

Some were on the front of the card and some were on the back, including this one of pitcher Paul Kilgus. 

Thanks Adam! I'll get some cards ready to send your way soon!

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