Thursday, March 19, 2015

An Unexpected Package from 2 x 3 Heroes

The other day I got an unexpected package in the mail from Jeff, of the blog 2 x 3 Heroes.

Jeff is one of the most generous bloggers out there and a little while back he offered up some cards and I was one of those lucky enough to get some of them. Thank you so much Jeff!

I got a huge stack (I think there were 6 team bags) of 2014 Topps Heritage. They are all in order and include a great variety of players including stars.

There were 8 D-Backs cards (not counting the Goldschmidt LL card) and only 3 are still on the 2015 roster.

I'm either going to try to complete the set or use them for ttms. Not sure yet, but thank you Jeff!

I had also asked about this card for a friend of mine, so this will be coming your way Joe.

Jeff included a bunch of other D-Backs cards including a ton of Goldschmidt cards.

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