Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dip Shots from Johnny's Trading Spot

John, of the blog Johnny's Trading Spot, recently offered up some mini collections for grabs and I took a shot. I was one of the winners and got the Dip Shots (players with tobacco).

This was already a small mini collection of mine although I think I just call it Tobacco, but John sent me 138 Dip Shot cards, so now it is a large mini collection that I will now call Dip Shots.

Here are just a few.

This 1981 Fleer Jason Thompson was the oldest card in the bunch.

This 2006 Fleer Billy Wagner was the newest. 

Most of the cards featured the tobacco can on the front of the card, but...

...there were several that featured the can on the back of the card.

Most of the cards were from the late 80's - mid 90's. 

There were plenty of stars in the bunch.


How many ball players still use tobacco? Can't be very many. I know Major League Baseball has put rules in place to discourage the use of tobacco by it's players.

For example, it's banned in the minor leagues. So here's something you won't see any time soon. It's a 1992 Upper Deck minor league card of John Johnstone with a can of tobacco in his back pocket.

How many current players even still use tobacco. I know the Diamondbacks are really against the stuff, so I can't think of a D-Backs player the uses. 

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