Friday, March 20, 2015

An unexpected package from Night Owl!

I got another unexpected package in the mail today...this time from Night Owl. Thanks Greg!

Most of you know that Greg is a Dodgers fan and as such he has a hate for the Diamondbacks! The good thing about that is that he likes to get rid of all his Diamondbacks cards by sending them to me!

Check out what Greg sent!

2014 Topps Opening Day Mark Trumbo - 2015 Opening Day came out this week. I haven't gotten any yet. Greg has though. The base is pretty much the same as regular Topps, but they always have cool inserts!

2013 Emerald parallel of Patrick Corbin. This features the 19 patch which I've mentioned before. On June 30, 2013 a wildfire near the small town of Yarnell, Arizona overran and killed 19 firefighters from Prescott, Arizona. I was at the Diamondbacks game that the 19 patch debuted and they held a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. 

The back of this Goldschmidt card talks about his love of finance. Goldy actually completed his Bachelors degree in September of 2013 at the University of Phoenix. 

1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars Matt Williams - Williams was not a rookie in 1998. he had been in the big leagues for 10 seasons and was a star for the Diamondbacks in their inaugural season. 

Next up are two Daniel Hudson parallels. The red is from Target and the Blue is from Wal-Mart. We have a Target within walking distance and a Wal-Mart a few minute drive away. If I had to choose, I'd say I prefer Wal-Mart because I think they are cheaper.

Here's another blue Wal-Mart parallel of AJ Pollock. Looks like Greg prefers Wal-Mart as well. 

Here's a cool country flag parallel of Jose Herrera. 

Not sure how much hobby love there is for Topps Stars, but I actually like it. 

Sometimes I forget how long Opening Day has been around. This is from 2003. 

Finally, a 2015 gold parallel numbered to 2015 of Trevor Cahill. Cahill was 3-12 last season with a 5.61 ERA, so I hope he has a bounce back season. 

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