Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Card Show Purchases Part 4: Multiple Bats Collection

I came across this 1991 Line Drive Reggie Sanders Minor League card in the 5 for $1 box and picked it up to add to my Multiple Bats Collection. This card puts me at 48 cards on my way to my 2010 goal of 50 Multiple Bat cards. Only 2 more to go! That concludes my card show purchases. I got 25 cards and spent a total of $5.

Card Show Purchases Part 3: Brandon Webb Collection

I added 17 new Brandon Webb cards to my collection. I bought 2 others that turned out to be duplicates. Not too bad considering I didn't have a list or anything.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Card Show Purchases Part 2: Random Rookies

I picked up a few random rookie cards at the show as well. Again, these were all in the 5 for $1 boxes.

1992 Bowman Cliff Floyd - Just an awesome photo! I love everything about, from the purple shorts to the dunking of the baseball!

2005 Topps Chrome Carlos Gonzalez - Carlos is having such a great season that I saw this and just had to have it, especially for 20 cents!

1999 Bowman Chrome David Eckstein - I've always liked Eckstein so I decided to add this to my collection!

1990 Topps Frank Thomas - Not sure how I didn't already have this card, but I am happy to have it now. I have almost bought it a few times recently, but this time I pulled the trigger!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Card Show Purchases Part 1: Vintage

This past saturday I went to a card show. It's been a long time since I have been to an actual card show. About a year and a half ago I tried to go to one, but by the time I got there all the dealers were already packing up. About a year ago I was at a mall and there happened to be one going on, but I was with my wife and kids so I didn't really get the chance to look around like I would have liked to.

I didn't have much time at the show on Saturday, but I had enough time to find 25 cards from a dealer that had boxes and boxes of singles, all 5 for $1. I'll show those 25 cards over the next several posts. Now onto the cards, Alright, I know what you're thinking, vintage? 1982? Vintage? Well I had to have something to call this post, and this was the oldest card that I picked up, so I thought "vintage" sounded good.

1982 Topps Nolan Ryan

For 20 cents I couldn't pass on this 1982 Nolan Ryan card, which is fairly well centered and had sharp corners. Eventually I would like to have the Topps base card from all of Ryan's 27 years in the Majors.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dave "Smoke" Stewart

I picked up these 3 Dave Stewart rookie cards today at the card shop. I got them for $1 each, for a total of $3. 

Stewart was drafted as a catcher by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 16th round of the 1975 draft. He made his major league debut for the Dodgers though as a pitcher on September 22, 1978. He didn't reach the big leagues again until 1981 and split time between starter and reliever for the Dodgers, Rangers and Phillies before signing with the Oakland A's in 1986 and converting to a permenant starting role. Stewart won 20+ games for the A's for 4 consecutive seasons begining in 1987. Despite this impressive feat, he only appeared in one All-Star game in his career, which was 1989, the same year he earned World Series MVP honors as the A's beat the Giants in 4 games. On June 29, 1990 Stewart pitched a no-hitter against the Toronto Blue Jays. Stewart pitched for the Blue Jays in 1993 and 1994 before returning to Oakland in 1995 and retiring from baseball.

1982 Donruss Dave Stewart RC

 1982 Topps Dave Stewart RC

1982 Fleer Dave Stewart RC

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Insane eBay Auction

I don't know what's worse. The fact that they want $3.96 for this card or the fact that they're charging $10.00 for shipping!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Card Shop Pick-Up: Will "The Thrill" Clark

I'm on a very limited card buying budget right now, so today I headed over to the card shop with a buddy of mine and looked around for a while. I pulled these three Will Clark jerseys out of a box of relics and autos that were $2 each. I just couldn't pass them up. Each is numbered, and it's Will "The Thrill" Clark for goodness sakes. My friend ended up buying a hobby box of 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball and got a Hot Box, 16 jersey and autographs in one box.

TTM Success: Drew Stubbs

I saw this 2010 Topps Heritage card of Cincinatti Reds centerfielder Drew Stubbs and thought that it would look awesome signed, so I sent it to Drew a few weeks ago. Today I got it back, signed. I was right, it does look awesome! Thanks Drew!

Contest over at Drewscards

Be sure and check out the contest over at Drewscards for a chance to win some sweet 2010 Tri-star OBAK cards.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

TTM Success: Robert Redford

Robert Redford is an Oscar award winning actor and director whose films include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jeremiah Johnson, The Sting, The Great Gatsby, and The Natural. The Natural is one of my all-time favorite baseball movies. Redford was actually a high school teammate of Dodger great Don Drysdale and earned himself a baseball scholarship to the University of Colorado. I saw recently that Redford signs TTM so I sent him a VHS cover of The Natural and recieved it back today signed. Thanks Mr. Redford.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free Stuff Wednesday - My Beckett Prize

I won this 2009 Bowman Sterling Dan Hudson Gold Auto card numbered 29/50 a week and a half ago off The Beckett Blog in one of their Free Stuff Friday contests. This card arrived today in my mailbox. I was super excited about winning this card for two reasons. Number 1 - because it's fun to win stuff and Number 2 - because Hudson was part of the deal that sent Edwin Jackson from the Diamondbacks to the Chicago White Sox. Hudson has been impressive in Arizona going 4-1 with a 1.85 ERA in 6 starts.