Sunday, August 23, 2009

TTM Autograph Success

I received 3 TTM Autographs this past week. Here is what I got.

Al Dark - 1948 MLB Rookie of the Year. Mr. Dark signed the signature card that I sent and he also included a signed pamphlet about his religious views. Thanks Mr. Dark!

Roy Sievers - 1949 AL Rookie of the Year. Mr. Sievers signed the signature card that I sent him and included 2 additional signed cards of his own. Thanks Mr. Sievers!

Max Scherzer - I sent Max his 2008 and 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter cards. He sent back his 2008 Allen & Ginter and a 2008 Topps card. Not sure why he kept my 2009 A & G, but at least he sent me a card in its place. Max also personalized each autograph to me, which I think he typically does. Thanks Max!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I need to get rid of some cards!

After a five year period away from baseball cards I started looking through some of my cards last night. I started with a 5000 count box. About half of the box ended up being basketball, hockey, and golf cards. (What was I thinking?) The other half was baseball cards that I had somewhat sorted by player at some point. Most of them are semi stars, but there are a few stars and Hall of Famers. Out of the 5000 cards there are probably only about 50 or so cards that I want to keep, so that leaves me with 4950 cards to get rid of somehow.

I sorted the baseball cards out by player and will post a list if anyone is interested in trading. This box is one of about 6 or 7, 5000 count boxes that I have and then I have a bunch of other boxes as well. Most of the stuff is from 1987 - 2003. (Lot's of high quality stuff, I know.) I would just give it away if it wasn't for the shipping costs. Anyways, please let me know if you are interested in trading. I collect the Diamondbacks and any game/event specific game used cards. Any offer will be accepted. I just want these cards to go to a good home.

I was also wondering if anyone has ever donated cards to a charity before. If you have please let me know what I should do. I just need to minimize my collection.

Here is the list of players. Also, if there is a specific team that you collect let me know. Email me at daniel24303@ Thanks!

Bobby Bonilla
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Kevin Mitchell
Andy Van Slyke
Tim Raines
Greg Vaughn
Mike Cameron
Carlton Fisk
Ryne Sandberg
Mike Hampton
Carl Everett
Fred McGriff
Dave Winfield
Ryan Klesko
Paul O'Neil
Joe Carter
Ozzie Smith
Fernando Valenzuela
Dennis Eckersley
Pedro Guerrero
David Cone
Paul Molitor
Wade Boggs
Juan Pierre
Barry Bonds
Andres Galaraga
Curt Schilling
Raul Mondesi
Ricky Botalico
Jose Canseco
Dave Righetti
Brady Anderson
Jorge Posada
Vinny Castilla
Rick Ankiel
Carlos Beltran
Frank Thomas
Jermaine Dye
Christian Guzman
Jason Kendall
JT Snow
Ken Caminitti
Dante Bichette
Jay Buhner
Davids Wells
Mark Buehrle
Steve Finley
John Franco
Joe Carter
Fernando Tatis
Tom Glavin
John Smoltz
Adrian Beltre
Bo Jackson
Rondell White
Dwight Gooden
Ivan Rodriguez
Ben Grieve
Bernie Williams
Roger Clemens
Dave Justice
Albert Belle
Juan Gonzalez
Barry Larkin
Garrett Anderson
Eric Davis
Shawn Green
Jason Giambi
Johnny Damon

As I go through more boxes, I will post additional lists of players for trade.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Review: 'Why I Love Baseball' by Larry King

Larry King? Yes, that Larry King.

For those of you who didn't know, Larry King - award winning, television talk-show host, is a huge baseball fan. So what do you do when you are famous and are passionate about something other than the reason you are famous? I got this book at a dollar store a while back and finally got around to reading it. I really enjoyed it. Mr. King describes his childhood, growing up in Brooklyn as a die hard Dodgers fan during the 1950's. He talks about some of the baseball players he has gotten to interview over the years. He discusses owners, uniforms and ballparks. He talks about how he was sitting next to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani during game 2 of the 2000 World Series, when Roger Clemens threw a piece of bat at Mike Piazza as he jogged to first. The book wasn't very structured, more like a collection of his thoughts on the game of baseball.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mickey Mantle Documentary


I checked this documentary out from my local library this past week. From the back cover:

THE PLAYER. THE HERO. THE MAN. The almost mythic career of Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle is the subject of this acclaimed HBO Sports documentary special. Over 18 seasons with the Bronx Bombers, despite constant nagging injuries, Mantle managed to hit 536 home runs, twice hitting more than 50 in a season. What's more, he managed to hit more than 300 in ten seasons. To this day, "The Mick" remains the greatest switch-hitter in baseball history; however, behind his country charm and good looks there was his wayward lifestyle that harmed his marriage, his relationship with his four sons and ultimately his death.

Told with honesty and candor, this critically acclaimed documentary combines memorable footage along with interviews. Family, broadcaster Bob Costas, who delivered the eulogy at Mantle's funeral, teammate Bobby Murcer, plus Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner all provide compelling commentary.


I thought this was a great documentary on "The Mick". It included footage of where he grew up, interviews with him during his playing days, old commercials he was in, his wife and sons speaking about their relationship with their husband and father, and former teammates including, Whitey Ford, talked about all the fun they had before, during, and after games. It was only 58 minutes long, I could have watched for at least another hour.

Friday, August 7, 2009

TTM Success - Bobby Doerr

Bobby Doerr, Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, signed both of the cards I sent and returned them to me in just 6 days! Thanks Mr. Doerr!

Do NOT read if you're a fan of Roger Clemens!

Book Review: The Rocket That Fell To Earth Roger Clemens and the Rage for Baseball Immortality. It was written by Jeff Pearlman. I though this was a great read! It covers everything from his childhood, to his 20 strike-out masterpiece in 1986, to his affair with Country Music star Mindy McCready, to his alleged steroid use, to his retirements. He are just a few quotes from the book:

On an incident that occurred during the 1990 ALCS, "Clemens crossed the line when, upon being thrown out, he verbally threatened to kill the umpire. The exact words: "I'm going to find out where you live and come after you this winter."

The book quotes an article written by Mike Barnicle of the Boston Globe: "Face it: If Roger Clemens had not once been able to consistently throw a baseball 95 m.p.h. past men with bats in their hands, he would be wearing bib overalls and sitting on a milk crate at the open door of a trailer somewhere, brushing his tooth while shooing flies away from his head."

Quoting Huck Flener, a Toronto teammate of Clemens, "He was a supernova. I had never been around that type of star before. He had his own special box for his glove, because he didn't want it to be smashed in the team bag. He had a special suitcase with a glove protector inside. He also changed his jersey every inning, because Roger didn't like a sweaty jersey. So he had 15 jerseys in his locker, The rest of us had two."

On Roger Clemens getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame Pearlman writes: "...Roger Clemens must realize that he will never stand on that stage."

To be fair, the book did talk about a lot of good things that Clemens has done, visiting children in the hospital and helping out his extended family. But overall the book was very critical of Clemens. As for him getting into the Hall of Fame, I guess only time will tell. I think his only chance of making it are if people "misremember" some of the things he did.

Trade with opoohwan

I recieved a package in the mail this week from opoohwan over at 2008 Allen & Ginter Card-scape . I sent him a few cards he needs for his 2008 Allen & Ginter set and in return he sent an assortment of cards based on an email conversation that we had. I am really not sure exactly what I want to collect at this point. I have collected both Griffey and Piazza in the past, but am not sure if I want to continue collecting them at this point. I am a D-Backs fan and so right now that is what I have been telling everyone to send me as trade. I think that I might start collecting cards featuring broken bats. I think that it is something different and unique. So opoohwan sent me some D-Backs, a Grifffey and a Piazza and a broken bat card. Thanks opoohwan!
4 beautiful 2008 Allen & Ginter D-Backs Cards

Billy Buckner RC and former D-Back Curt Schilling

2008 Allen & Ginter state cards of Griffey(PA) and D-Back Brandon Lyon(UT)

Mike Piazza

Jermaine Dye breaking his bat

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

50% and 70% off 2008 Topps at Wal-Mart

So I went to Wal-Mart today and noticed that they still had a few 2008 Topps Series 1 boxes with a big red 50% off sticker on them. The boxes have 5 packs plus 1 extra 3-card pack and at 50% off ring up at $4.97. Well one of the boxes was a little mangled so I asked the cashier if he would give me a discount. He looked at the box, scanned it and saw that it was $4.97 and then rang it up at $3.00, hence the 70% off. I bought the same box a week ago, so I knew that none of the cards would be damaged. So what did I get? Here we go.

Box #1 - The Mangled Box

3 - Card Pack (Dick Perez painted cards)
David Ortiz
Cameron Maybin
Prince Fielder

Pack #1 - Mantle Stories # 54 and Topps All-Star Rookie Team 50th Anniversary Todd Helton

Pack # 2 - Gold Parallel Anthony Reyes 0245/2008

Pack #3 - Campaign 2008 GOP Ron Paul

Pack #4 - Mantle HR History #525

Pack #5 - Year In Review - Joshes Sparkle: Beckett, Hamilton

Box #2

3 - Card Pack (Dick Perez painted cards)

David Ortiz
Prince Fielder
Prince Fielder

Pack #1 - Mickey Mantle (card #7)

Pack #2 - No Inserts

Pack #3 - Year In Review - Joshes Sparkle: Beckett, Hamilton (same as 1st box)

Pack #4 - Mantle HR History #529

Pack #5 - Campaign 2008 Democrat John Edwards

So not to bad for $8. Lots of inserts and I really like the Mantle base card. Everything except the Mantle base card is up for trade if anyone is interested.

Cedric the Entertainer - a Washington National?

I was going through my 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter cards looking for cards to trade to David at 2008 Allen & Ginter Card-scape . I came accross card #320 - Dmitri Young of the Washington Nationals. But is it really Dmitri Young or is it Cedric the Entertainer. I'm probably not the first to make this comparison, but they look so similar that I just had to post about it.

Here is the Dmitri Young card.

Here's a picture of Cedric the Entertainer.

And now side-by-side.

I don't think that they're fooling anyone. Dmitri Young and Cedric the Entertainer are in fact, the same person.