Wednesday, March 22, 2023

TCDB Trade with Too Many Verlanders

I've been way more active on youTube lately, but I still browse the blogosphere often. For some reason, my laptop won't allow me to comment though, which is super annoying. Anyways, Dennis, over at Too Many Verlanders, sent me a package recently. I have started using TCDB this year to track my collection and I believe Dennis is the first person to look at my TCDB page before sending me cards. I love all cards, but it was nice that pretty much all of the D-Backs cards Dennis sent were needs for my D-Backs collection. Let's take a look at what Dennis sent. First up are some 2022 Topps Heritage D-Backs cards I needed.
Next up are a few Rnady Johnson cards, including a sweet 2001 Studio jersey card. I needed the Leaf card as well. I have the Upper Deck card, but I have a seperate binder for Randy Johnson, so I probably need this one for the team set. I will have to double check.
Up next are a random assortment of D-Backs cards, but they are all cards I needed. No dups!
Finally, there was a stack of 25 different 2020 Topps Heritage cards. Now I am collecting this set, but I don't have my needs updated on TCDB and I don't believe I have posted them anywhere. So Dennis, if these were sent to me by accident, let me know. If not, I do need some of them and I will put the others to good use.
Thank you so much Dennis for the awesome cards! Super glad to finally be on the TCDB bandwagon. I still have a long ways to go. I know a few other bloggers have recently posted about getting on TCDB. How about you? Are you on TCDB. If so, let me know your username and I will add you as a friend. I am dkwilson2430 on TCDB.