Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A 10 Card, 9 card Set

I'm not sure why card companies don't produce more 9 card insert sets. They fit perfectly into 9 card sheets. 18 works. So does 27 and 36. Not many insert sets are going to be bigger than that, but you get the point.

The worst is when an insert set is 10 cards. 1 full page and then 1 left over card.

In 1990 Upper Deck introduced the baseball card collecting world to it's Baseball Heroes set, which would continue over a couple different product lines from 1990 - 1997. They would resurrect the Baseball Heroes concept in 2002, but that was different.

Starting in 1990 with Reggie Jackson being cards #1 - #9, the set continues through 1997 ending at card #100.

The problem with the 9 card set is that there is also a not numbered header card, a 10th card.

But wait, the back of the Header Card even says that it's a 9 card set.
Here's the 9 cards.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Gold Label from eBay

This 4 card lot of 2016 Gold Label cards is from eBay and comes courtesy of a Christmas gift card from a co-worker. I didn't have any 2016 Gold Label Paul Goldschmidt cards and these are all different, so these are all new to me.

At $5.74 shipped for the 4 cards, I consider it a great deal since it included the card numbered to 50.

The red parallel is numbered 21/50, so that will work towards the project I hinted at here. The numbered to 50 parallels seem to be either red or gold.

Monday, January 29, 2018


Someone on one of the baseball card Facebook groups that I'm in posted this 2015 Strata Paul Goldschmidt auto for a decent price and I jumped on it. Turns out the guy lives about 15 miles away and we frequent the same LCS, so we arranged to meet there instead of him shipping the card.

I love the fact that these cards have the MLB authentication sticker on them and you can tell which game the jersey was from. I wish they would do this with all of their relic cards. I know it won't happen, but a guy can dream.

This was my first Strata Paul Goldschmidt card and so after scanning the card I had to file it away and create a divider titled "Strata". It got me thinking, what does Strata mean?

So I looked it up.

So strata is the plural of stratum. So I looked up stratum.

Okay. So "a layer of material....often one of a number of parallel layers one upon another". That makes sense based on how these cards are constructed. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Yankee Clipper from Fuji

I recently posted that I started collecting the 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball The Yankee Clipper: 1941 Hitting Streak and Fuji immediately acted by sending me five cards for the set! Thanks Fuji!

The more I handle these, the more I love them.

Fuji's five puts me at 15 out of the 56, so I'm just over 25% of the way done!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

D-Backs from a Giants Fan

Adam of the blog ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession recently purchased a massive collection and needs all the room he can get to do some sorting so he offered up some cards he already had sorted out by team. I asked for the D-Backs and a few days later a nice package arrived at my door. Thank you Adam!

I can't be certain, but I'm almost positive that this card features Luis Gonzales with his son Jacob who was recently drafted by the Giants. Adam is a Giants fan, so he may have sent me the "rookie" card of a current Giant.

This red parallel of a 2004 Bazooka is awesome and I needed it for my Brandon Webb collection. It's my 307th  different Webb card. 

Next up is a blue framed Gypsy Queen parallel of Zack Greinke.

These original Gold Label cards are fantastic. So much better than Topps recent reboot. 

Adam sent some Chipz.

These next two are the National League All-Star cards of Greinke and Goldschmidt.

Thanks again Adam for the D-Backs! Good luck sorting!

Friday, January 26, 2018


Yesterday was 15/$1, today is 10/$6.

I picked these up from my LCS recently from a $1 or 10/$6 box. Since I bought 10 it made them 60 cents each.

I'm keeping the McGwire, Charlie Ward, and Chad Tracy. The Titans dual auto is on it's way to Wes, but everything else is up for grabs. Let me know.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Whenever I go to my LCS I have to rummage through the 15/$1 boxes, no matter how many times I've been through the boxes before. Every once in a while they add new stuff. These cards all came from the 15/$1 box when I met up at Angus at my LCS back in December.

The thing I love most about the 15/$1 boxes is the variety. 

There is sure to be some Stadium Club from various years. Great photography guaranteed. 

Next up are a few Rediscover Topps cards. My favorite is this Bert Campaneris. This 1984 Topps card is Campaneris sunset card. Shout out to Nick, from Dime Boxes

Next up is a Topps Nestle Ice Cream card of A-Rod. Oddballs are always fun!

Sometimes you find vintage.

 Nice Jeter for 7 cents.

These Upper Deck Holograms of Reggie Jackson and Nolan Ryan scanned a lot better than I thought they would. 

Inserts from the 90's and early 2000's are always nice.

And every once in a while I'll find a card for a set I'm working on!