Monday, June 30, 2014

Card Shop Recap

I went to my LCS today during lunch and picked up two cards and a few supplies. here's what I got.

First up is this 1966 Topps Don Mossi card. I saw that face and for $0.50 I just couldn't say no.

Next, is this 1970 Topps National League Home Run Leaders card featuring McCovey, Aaron, and May. The centering isn't great but all the corners are sharp, so for $2 I couldn't pass up a card featuring two Hall of Fame players from their playing days. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

No-Hitter: Tim Lincecum

I know I'm a bit behind, but I wanted to show off some, okay, pretty much all of my, Tim Lincecum cards in light of his recent no-hitter.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mmmmm....Doughnuts #4

I love doughnuts! Who doesn't? For some reason I associate doughnuts with Fridays, so I'm going to try to make this a regular blog feature on Fridays.

Well...I did say I would "try" to make it a regular feature on Fridays.

1989 Donruss Mickey Hatcher #346

Monday, June 23, 2014

An early birthday present from Joe!

If you've read my blog for a while you know that Joe, of the blog Catching Rays, and I work together. Joe gave me an early birthday present today. Thanks Joe!

I've wanted this card ever since Museum Collection came out. I've almost bought this card multiple times, but just never pulled the trigger. I love this card and it's one of the better autos that I've seen on this card! I was just thinking to myself yesterday that it had been a while since I had gotten a new Goldschmidt auto!

As if the Goldschmidt wasn't enough, Joe also gave me this awesome Wade Miley auto! Tier One is such a nice product and his auto looks fantastic!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


On Friday I got a PWE from Jim, of the blog GCRL. Jim packed 11 awesome cards into one envelope! Thanks Jim!

This Paul Goldschmidt New Age Performers insert is sweet! Very happy to add this to my collection!

Jim knows I collect Mike Piazza and he sent me three Piazza cards for my collection! Each one is awesome! I love all the cards from the 1990's and early 2000's. 

Speaking of great cards from the 90's and early 2000's. 

Sometimes I forget that Shawn Green was even on the Diamondbacks. Grateful for these cards as a reminder. 

Here are few other former D-Backs. I used to love it when Brandon Lyon would come in to pitch because they would play a lion's roar at Chase Field. 

How is Chris Young still in the majors? He had one good year. 2007, his first full season in the big leagues. And when I say he had a good year... I mean he hit 32 home runs. He batted .237 that season. The highest his batting average has ever been, in any season is .257. He's currently batting .202 for the Mets. 

I always liked Reynolds, but he sure does strike out a lot. I mentioned it in my Tribute to Gwynn post, but Reynolds struck out 434 times between 2009 -10, that is the same amount of times that Tony Gwynn struck out in his entire 20 year career. 

Does this smile remind anyone else of the Joker? 

And finally, Conor Jackson. I always liked Jackson and felt really bad about what happened to him. He got Valley Fever and was never the same. On April 18, 2008 against the Padres, Jackson hit a home run, triple and single in his first 3 at-bats. Facing Greg Maddux in his last at-bat, Jackson hit a ball to deep center field and instead of stopping at 2nd for the cycle, he continued on to 3rd ending the game with a home run, two triples, and a single. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

eBay Pick-Up: Ryan Roberts Game-Worn jersey

About two weeks ago my family and I took my best friend out to dinner for his birthday. After dinner my friend and I went to see The Edge of Tomorrow (I was a little hesitant about seeing it, but I actually thought it was a great movie!) I gave my keys to my wife so she could drive home and I went with my friend. After the movie we drove back to my house expecting to find my wife and kids, expect she wasn't there and I didn't have any way to get it. I called her and she forgot that I had given her my keys.

While we were locked out and waiting for my wife to get home I decided to do an eBay search for Ryan Roberts and found an auction for a game-worn Ryan Roberts Tampa Bay Rays jersey. It's MLB Authenticated. The current price was reasonable and it ended that night, so before I went to bed I put in my highest bid and hoped for the best. I checked my phone as soon as I woke up and was surprised to see that I won it. I paid $60 shipped. It came in the mail last Friday. It was the start of a near perfect Father's Day weekend!

1982 Fleer Grab Bag

I had to get a tire changed the other day and while I was waiting I walked over the an antique mall. I looked around for a while and found lots of good stuff, but only ended up picking up a grab bag of 1982 Fleer cards for a buck.

I picked this particular grab bag because it had this card on front. A great looking card for my Cards Featuring Awards Collection.

I would have been happy with this card alone and didn't expect much from the rest of the grab bag, but I was surprised, sort of.