Sunday, October 23, 2022

I'm back!

One of my hobby related goals for 2022 is to reduce the overall size of my collection. I recently met with a fellow YouTuber, Caleb of Caleb's Cards and gave him about 20,000 cards and probably around 30 empty binders. It was really cool to meet up with Caleb. He happened to be in town for a couple of days and we were able to have dinner together and hang out for a couple hours.

Even with me giving away 20,000 cards, I've still added more cards to my collection in 2022 than I have gotten rid of, so let's give away some more cards. 

For the first 5 people (US only) that comment below with who you think will win the World Series this year as well as your  favorite team and I'll send you a PWE with some cards.

Me, I'm going with the Phillies. I'm a fan of Bryce Harper and I'd love to see him win a Championship and he has been playing great this postseason along with the rest of the Phillies.  Plus, I think they will be facing the Astros and I don't think I could ever root for the Astros to win.