Saturday, April 30, 2016

TTM Success: Susan Bennett (Siri)

Susan Bennett randomly started following me on Twitter several months ago. I didn't know who she was until then, but I did a little research and thought it was kind of cool that she was the voice of Siri.

I contacted her through her website and asked if it would be alright to send her an autograph success. She said yes and sent me her address. I sent her my iPhone box and some index cards for her to sign for my kids.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

TTM Success: Bill Conti

Bill Conti is a composer and conductor who has a very impressive resume including work for films like Rocky (I, II, III, V and Rocky Balboa), For Your Eyes Only (James Bond), The Karate Kid (I, II, and III), and Rookie of the Year, among others.

I sent Mr. Conti four index cards hoping to get back one for me and one each for my three kids. He sent back the three for my kids. I'm happy.

So here's the question of the day. Rocky or The Karate Kid? What is the better movie franchise?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

TTM Success: Bob Heironimus (Bigfoot)

Most of you are probably familiar with the image above. It's from a the Patterson - Gimlin Bigfoot footage that they shot in 1967 in northern California.

In 1999, Bob Heironimus came forward and claimed to be the man insider the suit.

Earlier this year my oldest son came home from school and asked me if I believed in Bigfoot. I had just recently seen a YouTube video where Caleb, of Calebs Cards, had gotten a return from Bob. We looked into it and then sent a request to Mr. Heironimus. He sent back a signed index card for me and each of my boys.

Here is the one he sent for me.

He also put a note on the back of my letter.

What do you think? Does Bigfoot exist?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Chippers from Twitter

I won some baseball cards on Twitter from @Brava10 the other day and they arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. @Brava10 is a Braves fan, so the cards I won were of Braves great, Chipper Jones.

The switch hitting Jones ended his career with a .303 average, 2,726 hits, and 468 home runs. The 8 x All-Star hit .364 in 1998 and was the 1999 N.L. MVP.

I think he is will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility even though he didn't quite reach either the 3,000 hit mark or 500 home runs.

What do you think? Will Chipper be a first ballot Hall of Famer?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Diamondbacks Autographs

I sent submitted some feedback to the Diamondbacks about their 2016 Fan Fest and emailed back and forth a couple of times with a representative. In her last email to me she offered to send some "head shots" for me and my kids. I responded with some more feedback as well as my address. That was back at the end of February. I never heard anything and didn't get anything in the mail.

I came across the emails last week, so I sent another email to follow-up. I didn't get a response to my email, but I did get a package from Fed Ex with a bunch of signed D-Backs team issued photos.

Chris Owings played 2nd base and shortstop for the Diamondbacks from 2013 - 2015, but with the Diamondbacks All-Star center fielder, A.J. Pollock, braking his elbow just days before the start of the 2016 season and having an excess of middle infielders, Owings has started almost every game this year in center field. I appreciate his willingness to fill in, but it is going to take him some time to get used to patrolling the outfield.

Speaking of the injured A.J. Pollock. He is likely to be out the entire year.

Here is the rest of the D-backs outfield. Yasmany Tomas has moved from right field to left field and David Peralta is now in right field.

This photo card is for Oscar Hernandez who is a back-up catcher that is currently in the minor leagues. The photo card is signed n silver, not by Hernandez though. You can clearly see that David Peralta signed it.

Here are a few pictures of pitchers, including Patrick Corbin, Matt Stites, Zack Godley, and Enrique Burgos. 

Some of the photos don't feature a player photo. Most of the time it's because the player is new to the team this year, i.e. the Jean Segura, featured below.

I know it's only been 19 games, but Segura has been a very pleasant surprise for the Diamondbacks. He's leading the league in hits (28) and is batting .329.

Here is another one that doesn't feature a photo of the player, but this time it is a player that has been on the team for several years. It must have been because they didn't have a photo if him in the new uniforms.

Brad Ziegler took over the role of closer in May of last year. Since May 29. 2015 Ziegler has not blown a save. He is currently at 32 consecutive saves which is a team record. 

Jake Lamb is off to a nice start at the hot corner. Last week, down against the Giants in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and 2 strikes lamb hit a game tying homer. The D-Backs went on to win the game in extra innings. 

Nick Ahmed is a whiz in the field. His glove more than makes up for a .212 batting average.

Chip Hale is starting his second season as manager of the D-backs. With the moves that the Diamondbacks have made this past off season there are huge expectations for hale and the D-Backs. 

The final photo card is of former D-Backs closer and current employee, J.J. Putz. 

Huge thank you to the D-Backs for sending this our way! There were 14 different autographs, but 39 total photo cards. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gypsy Queen from Catching Rays!

I got a package yesterday from my good friend Joe, of the blog Catching Rays! He hooked me up with some awesome 2016 Gypsy Queen D-Backs cards! This years Gypsy Queen look fantastic! Thank you so much Joe!

I've got to lead with this A.J. Pollock auto because it's just gorgeous! The card, the auto, the pen used, the inscription "11". It's perfect!

A.J. had an amazing 2015 (.315 average/39 doubles/20 home runs/39 stolen bases) and it was a blow when he broke his elbow just days before the start of the 2016 season.

Joe sent a base and SP mini of Paul Goldschmidt. So glad to add these to my Goldschmidt collection!

Joe also included an entire 2016 Gypsy Queen D-Backs team set!

Starting Pitchers




Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Contest Win plus a Contest Plug!

Sport Card Collectors held a contest a few weeks ago and I happened to win, The prize included some sweet Panini cards from Sport Card Collector and some great supplies (top holders of various sizes and card sleeves) from BCW.

Thank you Sport Card Collector and BCW for a great contest and some awesome prizes! Make sure you're following his blog and he is actually running another contest right now, so go check his AMAZING pull from 2016 Topps Museum Collection and see what he's giving away! Click here.

Here is a sampling of the cards, which included football, basketball and baseball as well as base, parallels, numbered, relics, and autos!

Here are the supplies that BCW sent!