Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Recap

I got a few things in this week.

2 of 2 from Jeff Reardon via TTM.

Fan Pack from the Texas Rangers

2015 Pocket Schedule

 2 Stickers

1 of 1 from Julie Ruth Stevens (Babe Ruth's daughter) via TTM

2 of 3 from Darren Daulton via TTM

1 from Ben Bailey of the show Cash Cab via email

2003 Bowman's Best Robby hammock auto via ebay. $0.99 shipped. Feel bad because the seller shipped in a padded envelope and it cost them $2.32 in postage.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

1954 Topps Henry Aaron RC

I've always been a big Hank Aaron fan. My first "vintage" purchases as a kid were two 1976 Topps Hank Aaron cards. One was his base card and the other was a '75 Record Breaker card for Most Runs Batted In, Lifetime - 2262.

1976 was Aaron's last season in the big leagues and Topps didn't include a card of him in their 1977 set, so these were his last cards as an active player and feature him as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Henry Aaron began his Major League Baseball career in 1954 with the Milwaukee Braves. I picked up his rookie card today from my LCS.

Far from perfect condition, I absolutely love this card and all its imperfections! It's way off-centered, has a nice crease, and rounded corners among other things, but I absolutely love this card.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

TTM Success: Tony Clark

On May 29th I sent out a bunch of ttm requests, including an 8 x 10 to Tony Clark. Clark had a great baseball career and is now the Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Clark spent the first 6 seasons of his career with Detroit and was known as Tony the Tiger. He then bounced around Major League Baseball spending a year with the Red Sox, Mets, and Yankees before coming to the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2005. He spent 3 seasons with the D-Backs before signing with the Padres in 2008. In July of 2008 the Padres traded Clark back to the Diamondbacks,. The Diamondbacks signed him to a contract for 2009 but ended up releasing him mid-way through that season. Clark 's time as a player had come to an end.

On Monday of this week I got the 8 x 10 back signed by Clark.

Trade with Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary

Brian, of the blog Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary, recently posted some Diamondbacks cards for trade. I put together a package of Twins and we traded.

Here is a small sampling of what Brian sent.

Lots of great memories with these two.

Nice 2015 insert of another former Diamondback!

Alfredo Marte is with the Angels organization now.

Now, some current D-Backs.

This Patrick Corbin is actually a mini and numbered to 100! 

Tomas is a having a good first season, but I think most D-Backs fans expected more out of the highest paid free agent in D-Backs history.

Next up are two nice 2015 Stadium Club cards of Patrick Corbin and David Peralta. 

Corbin came back from Tommy John surgery during this season and is doing pretty well. 

David Peralta is following up his rookie season with a great sophomore season! In fact, he hit a grand slam last night. 

Finally, here is a cool insert of Chris Owings! 

Thanks again for the trade Brian! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Arizona Diamondbacks retire Randy Johnson's #51

My family and I went to the Diamondbacks game last night for the retirement of Randy Johnson's #51.

They gave out shirts at the gate and then we got these posters at our seats. I also got to see Moe, of the blog, My 2008 Topps Set Blog. briefly in passing. He is posting again so be sure to go show him some love.

The game was supposed to start at 5:10 pm, but the pre-game ceremony went long and so I don't think the game started until after 5:30 pm, but the D-Backs did a great job and it was awesome to see Randy so emotional.

I decided today to do a Randy Johnson PC, and what I mean by that is I will be sorting and storing all my Randy Johnson cards together. I won't be going after any high dollar inserts, relics, or autos, but if I see a card I don't already have of his in a dime box, I'll pick it up.

I went through what I already have as far his cards with the Diamondbacks and have just over 200 different cards. With Expos, Mariners, Astros, and Yankees I probably have another 100, so I'm off to a nice start.

TTM Recap

I got two ttm returns in this past week. One was from former D-Back and current Brewers manager, Craig Counsel. He signed 2 out of 3.

Brad Ziegler signed one card for me and sent back 3 unsigned. In my letter I told him that my 3 boys and I are big D-Backs fan, so he wrote on my letter "Tell me your boys' names & I'll sign the others. So those 3 cards will go back out today. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Package from Sweden: Holmbergs Corner

I got a surprise package in the mail this past week from my friend Rasmus. Rasmus lives in Sweden and we became friends through YouTube (Holmbergs Corner) and then Facebook. 

Alright, for all of you who didn't click on the link, some very generous customers of Cardsmiths Breaks chipped in to help Rasmus make the journey from Sweden to Chicago to attend the National! How cool is that! 

Okay, so here is what Rasmus sent me. Thanks Rasmus! 

2014 Topps Chrome Base RC of Chris Owings

2014 Topps Chrome Refractor RC of Chris Owings

2014 Topps Chrome Refractor of Aaron Hill

2014 Bowman Chrome Blue Parallel of Didi Gregorious

2014 Bowman Chrome Black Parallel of Didi Gregorious

Monday, August 3, 2015

1959 Topps Fence Busters: Aaron - Mathews

I know this card is beat up, but I love it. I also love the price I got it for. $5 added this 1959 Topps card of Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

TTM Recap

Here are my ttm returns over the past week or so.

DeWayne Buice signed two cards for me. Buice played an integral part in Upper Deck getting an MLBPA license and was one of the original managing partners for the company all thanks to an elusive Chinese restaurant.

Allen "Mr. Mint" Rosen signed this signature card and sent me a business card. if you are my age you probably remember seeing Mr. Mint in various sports cards publications in the 80's and 90's with a briefcase full of cash ready to buy cards. 

The best return of the last week or so belongs to this future NBA Hall of Famer and features him in my favorite team's jersey!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trade with My 2008 Topps Set Blog

I reached out to Moe, from the blog My 2008 Topps Set Blog, recently about a couple of cards I had for him. He said he had something for me as well so we confirmed addresses and a trade was born.

Earlier this week a large envelope arrived in my mailbox. I thought it might have been one of a couple of 8 x 10 photos that I had sent out via ttm, but then I saw the return address and it was from Moe.

Inside were a couple of awesome Brandon Webb items!

First up is this 4 card block of Upper Deck cards from Tuff Stuff. Never seen this one before, so very cool to add it to my collection!

Moe sent a note saying that this autographed photo was from a signing at a local Sam's Club back in February 2007. He said that he ended up with several and thought I'd like one. You were right Moe! Thanks so much! 

Trade with Baseball Cards Come to Life

I got a trade package in a week or so ago from Bo, of the blog Baseball Cards Come to Life. Bo sent some great D-Backs and this awesome 1996 Score Bip Roberts. Thanks for the trade Bo!

You've probably never heard of Casey Daigle...

...but you probably have heard of his wife, Jennie Finch.