Friday, February 28, 2014

eBay Pick-Up: 2013 Topps Triple Threads Paul Goldschmidt Unity Relic Auto

I picked up this 2013 Topps Triple Threads Paul Goldschmidt Unity Relic Auto. It's numbered out of 75.

It's similar to this card that Joe from the blog, Catching Rays!, got me for Christmas. I think there are at least two other versions.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Million Dollar Arm Autographs

File:Million Dollar Arm poster.jpg

I'm in the process of watching Mad Men on Netflix and now As I type I'm watching Season 6, Episode 6. Trying to get all caught up before Season 7 starts. Jon Hamm is great as Don Draper and I expect him to be good in the upcoming movie Million Dollar Arm.

I saw the trailer and did a little research on the two players and picked up their 2009 Bowman Sterling Autographs. I got them both for a little under $10 shipped off eBay.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Helton's from 2 x 3 Heroes

Jeff of the blog, 2 x 3 Heroes, sent me bubble mailer last week filled with Rockies, Brewers, and Diamondbacks cards as part of his Tis the Season project. Thanks Jeff!

The stack of Rockies contained a handful of Todd Helton cards. For the best Helton collection that I'm aware of you should go check out the blog Home of the Toddfather. With Helton retiring last season it got me thinking.










17 seasons, all  with the Rockies

.316 AVG - 369 HR - 406 RBI - 2529 HITS 

5 x All-Star - 3 x Gold Glove - 4 x Silver Slugger

2000 N.L. Batting Champion (.372)

There is no denying that Helton was dominant for several seasons (1999 - 2004) and probably should have won the N.L. MVP Award in 2000, but I don't think his complete body of work justifies a selection into the the Hall of Fame. Let me know what you think.

PWE from Hot Corner Cards

Pat, of the blog Hot Corner Cards, sent me a PWE with 3 Target Red D-Backs parallels. Pat, the same day that these arrived in my mailbox is the same day that I sent a package put your way. Sorry about the delay.

Sunday, February 23, 2014 Pick-Ups

I've noticed a few other bloggers (drews cards and ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession)  posting their Black Friday purchases, so I thought I should share mine.

I picked up each card for a buck or two, except for the last one.

2014 Topps Red Foil D-Backs Team Set

Joe, of the blog Catching Rays!, hooked me up with a 2014 Topps Red Foil D-Backs Team Set recently. The red parallels look great with the D-Backs uniforms. Thanks Joe!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Training Autograph Recap

On President's Day I took my two oldest boys to the Salt River Fields to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training practice. It was a short practice because the D-Backs were all heading out to go play paint ball as a team. I wasn't very well prepared as far as cards go, but I was able to get a few cards signed by some pitchers.

Moe from the blog, My 2008 Topps Set Blog, was there and having seen my post about an earlier signing he offered me an Addison Reed card. Reed ended up being the first player to come over and he gave one of my boys a ball, which he ended up getting signed by 15 players. I got Reed to sign the card that Moe had given me.

I was able to get a few different cards signed by JJ Putz and and card signed by Patrick Corbin and Josh Collmentor. 

Near the end of the 2013 season a promotion was held to raise money for Phoenix Children's Hospital. For a $44 donation you got one of 2500 Paul Goldschmidt lithographs. I have been trying to get it signed ever since. I was trying to keep it from getting dirty, so I only removed part of the cellophane where I wanted him to sign. Goldschmidt came over and I asked him if he'd sign. he took my gold paint pen and thanked me for my donation. He signed it at the bottom and handed me the paint pen back. When I took the pen from him the loose cellophane blew over and landed right on the wet paint and smeared the signature. I was devastated. Not sure what to do now. 

* Adding this to make sure it's clear that I'm not disappointed about donating the money or anything like that, just really disappointed that after waiting for so long to get it autographed that it got smeared. My comment about not being sure what to do now was geared at trying to buy another one (lost one on eBay today) or trying to somehow remove the smeared signature and try again, or frame it, or just put it away somewhere.