Friday, December 23, 2011

Hobby Question: What is the greatest non relic/auto/numbered/parallel insert set of all-time?

I'm working on a list of my own which includes the list below, but I wanted to hear from the blogosphere. In your opinion, what is the greatest non relic/auto/numbered/parallel insert set of all-time? Once I get a more complete list, I'll break each set down and rate them based on 5 categories (Set Name, Design, Player Selection, Innovation, and Impact on Collecting) and then crown the Greatest Non Relic/Auto/Numbered/Parallel Insert Set of All-Time!

Insert Sets
1) 1998 Topps Etch-A-Sketch
2) 1999 Ultra Damage Inc.
3) 1996 Upper Deck V.J. Lovero Showcase
4) 1994 Donruss Dominators
5) 2000 Topps Combos
6) 2001 Topps Combos
7) 1993 Studio Superstars on Canvas
8) 1993 Studio Heritage
9) 1996 Fleer Lumber Company
10) 1991 Score Cooperstown
11) 1999 Topps Gallery Heritage
12) 1994 Fleer Pro-Visions
13) 1994 Leaf Slideshow
14) 1994 Donruss Long-Ball Leaders
15) 1998 Topps Gallery of Heroes


  1. Personally I love 1996 Ultra Season Crowns.

  2. 2008 UD Documentary!!!

  3. Any sport?

    Has to be Upper Deck Young Guns in hockey.

  4. There are so many, but this is a really great question - because these are the types of inserts that I love. Collectible, but still having some kind of extra difficult over the base cards of a set.

    For me, there's 1 that jumps out - 1993 SP Platinum Power. A really great checklist of players. These might have been the first die-cut cards - not sure, but certainly among the earliest. Great design.

    I also really like the SP Holoviews from the next year. Also a great checklist - includes all the great players from the mid-90's - and A-Rod and Michael Jordan.

    Finally, I also would have to give a nod to the original Upper Deck Heroes inserts they did every year, starting with Reggie Jackson in 1990, then continuing on to guys like Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Bench/Morgan and even Griffey later on.

  5. Man... these are my favorite kind of posts... the ones that get you to think about your trading cards. Here are a few of my favorites insert sets:

    1988 Fleer All-Stars
    1994 Leaf Slideshow
    1994 SP Holoviews
    1994, 1996 or 1997 Flair Showcase Hot Gloves
    1996 Emotion-XL D-Fense
    1996 Emotion-XL Legion of Boom
    1996 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle
    1997 E-X2000 Hall or Nothing
    1998 Ultra Kid Gloves

  6. 2002 UD 40-man Lumber Yard. Fronts are complete laser-etched (bat?) wood. I need Chipper Jones to complete the set.

  7. Sorry I am just coming around to this, but Pacific Cramer's Choice were always my favorite. So mysterious.