Sunday, November 25, 2018

A diverse Zippy Zapping!

I got Zippy Zapped recently by Kenny of the blog Torren' Up Cards. Kenny knows me well and his Zippy Zapping shows it.

Not only did Kenny send me some sweet D-Backs cards including this 2016 Topps A.J. Pollock All-Star parallel card, but he sent me several non baseball cards.

There were quite a few hockey cards and stickers of both the Coyotes (my team) and the Golden Knights (my brother's team).

 Kenny also sent a rookie card of Cardinals rookie Christian Kirk. This guy is going to be good!

Kenny even sent a few Jorge Posada cards for my Posada collection. Posada was a really good catcher on so many great Yankee teams.

Thanks Kenny!


  1. Glad the cards arrived safely. I've started slowly purging my one-time Posada PC so expect a lot more coming your way in the next Zapping.

  2. Kirk has been solid as depth for my fantasy team this year

  3. My parents are huge Knights fans... but I still love them ;)