Monday, November 11, 2019

Face Off

First and foremost, thank you to all who have served and who serve currently in the Armed Forces. I hope everyone enjoys this Veteran's Day!

This post was inspired by Section 36's comment on my last post.

In my post yesterday I featured these two cards with Juan Gone facing away from each other, but Section 36 commented that they always wanted both cards so they could face each other in a binder. I agree that they look much better facing each other.

If you collect sets, and store them in binders, what do you do with error and corrected cards? Two binder spots? Put them both in the same spot? The rarer version goes in it's own separate case? Separate binder for error cards? How do you store them?


  1. I'm a set collector and currently in the long process of storing my sets in binders. I put the variation/error cards adjacent to the regular/correct versions to show off the differences between those cards.

    1. With the card in a binder page I think it would be kinda cool to use a marker to circle the error so that it's obvious.

    2. I do it this way too. I know collectors that put the error versions at the end of the set, but that means they're so far away from the other one making it almost impossible to compare. It does mess with your math when you're putting them all in pages - throws off the factors of 9 in the last slot.

  2. I've seen some people suggest using a seperate page with just the error/varian in the pocket on top of the correct card. That's a bit lavish for my taste but it would allow you to flip between the two nicely.