Thursday, November 18, 2021

15/$1 - Travis Lee

On Veteran's Day I got a chance to go to AZ Sports Cards and got a couple of cards from a showcase, but spent the majority of my time digging through their 15/$1 boxes. That makes the cards roughly 7 cents. I ended up grabbing 98 cards and they gave it to me for $6. That puts them closer to 6 cents each.

One of the boxes had a row of D-Backs cards. The majority of the cards I grabbed came from this row. So buckle up and get ready for some great Diamondbacks cards. 

Travis Lee was my first favorite D-Backs player and so I have a section of a binder his base and inserts. Autographs and relics are in a separate box. 

Of these cards I actually needed all but the Bowman's Best card. These new additions put me at 102 different Travis Lee cards.

The Thuderclap insert card is fantastic!

Here is a look at my the majority of the Travis Lee cards that aren't in the binder.

The autographs that are doubled up are different. One is black and the other is blue ink. 

One day I hope to add a Red Crusade to my collection, but they are pricey. Other than that, I'm not looking to add any other Lee cards to my collection specifically, but if they are only 6 cents apiece I will probably grab them.

As a D-Backs fan, obviously I'm very familiar with Travis Lee. Curious to see what memories everyone else has of Lee. Let me know.

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  1. As always, that's one killer 7 (or 6) cent box. I'd love to dig for Yankees in a box like that.