Sunday, November 5, 2023

Some postcards...wait, no...some Post cards!

I went to my LCS this weekend and they had a couple of stacks of Post cards from 1961 and 1962. No huge names, but I picked out a few to add to my collection.

Here are the 1961 cards. These cards are in pretty rough shape. These cards are all hand cut, but some are certainly better than others, but the Boyer looks like it was cut out by a 4 year old.

Here are the 1962 cards.

The Maury Wills is still a few years before he would get his first official Topps card and 1 year before his 1963 Fleer rookie card, but it's his second Post card.

The Groat and Davis cards are cut pretty decent. I actually don't mind these cards being mis-cut. It reminds me of where they came from. 

Growing up I remember getting cards from cereal boxes, but they were inside the boxes and were in cellophane wrappers. These cards were printing on the outside of the actual coral box. They had to survive the packaging process, then get shipped to stores, then get loaded onto shelves, get thrown into shopping carts, make there way through the checkout process, get bagged and carried to the car and then from the car into the house. A week or more worth of breakfasts and then a child would get the opportunity to cut them out and then do what kids did with cards back in 1961 and 1962. It's a wonder that there are any of these cards in decent condition at all!


  1. Not only did the cards have to survive everything you mentioned just to get to the child, but they then had to survive the scissors, back pockets, playgrounds, washing machines, etc.

  2. Love the thought of being able to cut cards off a cereal box! All we could do is cut off an order form to send away to get cards in 4-6 weeks! ... By the way, just noting you're back to regular blogging. I see I missed a contest!

  3. Being mis-cut only adds to these cards' appeal!

  4. Love those cards. Those '62 Post cards look great.