Sunday, June 23, 2019

Here's what a nickle will get you!

I was able to make it to a card show yesterday and I picked up a few things. I spent some time digging through a 20/$1 box and walked away with 20 cards.

I picked up some food issued cards, but the majority were duplicates. There were six Marketside (Wal-Mart) cards that were all dups and two Post cards that I ended up already having. That's what I get for not have checklists.

Here are the food issue cards that I needed.

I'm working on the two Post sets, the Wonder Bread card makes it into my binder as the lone card I have from that set.

Next up are a few David Wright and Joe Mauer cards. Lots of similarities between these two guys. Both were selected in the 1st round of the 2001 draft. Mauer went number 1 and Wright was selected number 38. Both started their major league careers in 2004 and both retired after the 2018 season. Both spent their entire career with the same team.

Both had great careers, but both dealt with injuries throughout their career.

I don't think anyone thinks David Wright will end up in the Hall of Fame, but I've seen some talk about whether Mauer is Hall worthy. What do you think? He has a career .306 batting average and is a  3x batting champion and the 2009 A.L. MVP. His career totals for hits (2,123), home runs (143) and RBI (923) are a little light though and I don't think he'll make the Hall of Fame.

Let's finish it off with two sure fire Hall of Fame players. One, Griffey, is already in and the other, Mike Trout, will be in 5 years after he retires.

I hope I need the Griffey. It didn't look familiar and I'm not going to pass on a Trout for a nickle.

So there are my 20/$1 finds. Nothing crazy, but a few nice cards. I wish I had lists with me so I didn't end up with dups, but maybe I'll send those out with the prize packages for my contest.

Be sure to enter my contest by creating a post using one of the topics I listed. Here are a couple more that you can choose from.

11) Tell me about your weirdest interaction with a dealer at a card show or a card shop owner.

12) Write a fiction piece about how you'd beg, borrow, or deal (anyone remember that show) your way to the National this summer in Chicago.


  1. Heads up, Arizona had a really fun draft. Though it remains to be seen if they can sign everybody they're really banking on signing (by all indication it looks like they might be able to), the amount of talent that entered the system should make it a really fun farmsystem for a while. Which is to say, this year's Bowman Draft (and other such prospect products) might be littered with fun ARI prospects.

  2. Contest post. There's my link. Pretty sure I'm going to write another with the weirdest interaction too.

  3. Awesome nickel cards. Especially the Wonder Bo and Backyard Baseball Griffey. I found one at the card show I went to on Saturday, but my legs were turning into jello, so I decided to take a lunch break and come back. After lunch, I completely forgot to go back.