Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Offer Up Collection Purchase Recap #1

I've had fun the past couple of days going through the small Offer Up collection I picked up recently.

There was exactly one card in a top loader and only a handful of cards in penny sleeves in the entire collection. Here is the one card that was in a top loader.

I'm not even sure this card is all that deserving of a top loader, but I do collect Bryce Harper cards, so I removed it from the top loader and penny sleeve and added it to my Bryce Harper binder.

I mentioned that the older football was going to be traded to my Offer Up football/basketball guy. I reached out and already made the trade. Sorry Night Owl and Angus. I don't think there was any big names, but there was a good number of 1979, 1980 and 1981 Topps football as well as another 1000 or so more recent football cards and a few hundred 1993-94 Fleer basketball cards that I traded for these.

I know what you are thinking. More junk wax? This is true, but these are a little different and they are complete sets that eventually I will binder and enjoy. They are also sets that I don't already have, so I am happy with the trade.

Here are some other cards from the Offer Up purchase that I have been able to add to my collection from the Offer Up collection purchase this past Saturday.

I was able to add these two cards to my Topps All-Star Rookie Cup binder as the best Rookie Cup card for that year. I have these already as part of the Topps base sets, but these were able to go into my specific Rookie Cup binder.

I'm very familiar with Upper Deck MVP cards, but I wasn't familiar with this factory set. I was worried that there might be a card or tow missing, but it is 100% complete. Not only is it the base 2003 MVP set, but it contains an Update Set as well. Always happy to add complete sets to my collection!

There was a stack of about 75 1984 Donruss cards and I was able to add 6 cards to my set. There were two Diamond Kings and then these 4 that I needed. I'm down to needing just 50 cards to complete this set.

One of the other collections I traded for had a near complete set of 2000 Topps HD cards. It's a small 100 card set. I needed 10 cards. There were a few cards in this collection from this set and I needed 1 of them.

Here are a few other cards that I pulled from the boxes and will be keeping in my collection.

I probably already have this Jim Morris rookie card, but it was still a nice find. This card is usually in the $5 range.

I don't come across the Mantle Baseball Heroes cards very often and when I do they are usually a couple of bucks apiece, so it was nice to find this one.

Next up are these 1989 Holsum discs. This is a 20 card set, so I am now halfway there. The dups were of Wally Joyner and Frank Viola. I collect Wally Joyner, so that dup was put to good use.

Speaking of dups. Check out these 1989 Fleer insert sets. The funny thing is that I don't think there was actually any 1989 Fleer in the collection.

I'll probably have another post or two from this collection, but so far I think it's been worth it.


  1. Cornering the market on those 1989 Fleer All-Star and For The Record sets? Nice. Somebody opened up a ton of rack packs.

  2. This purchase looks pretty good so far. I am also interested in collecting some of the oddball insert sets of the junk wax Era. With that said, I would be interested in a set of the Fleer All Stars and Fleer for the Record if they are available.

  3. The Jim Morris is a cool card! I need to pick up one of his.

  4. I've always loved the design of the '89 Fleer All-Star Team cards - very classy!

  5. Just what's in this post alone was certainly worth the money.