Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pack Break: 2010 Topps Update

I bought a pack of 2010 Topps Update Series at Wal-Mart about a week before Christmas. Believe it or not, I pulled my first and only Stephen Strasburg card out of this pack. Not exactly sure how I missed out on Strasburgmania. Oh well. Here are the highlights of the pack.

Three All-Star cards: Hanley Ramirez, Andre Ethier, and Rafeal Frucal 

A couple of rookie cards: Omar Beltre and Brian Matusz

J.J. Putz - The Arizona Diamondbacks recently signed Putz to a two year deal. 

More Tales of the Game - Cleverly titled "There's No Tying in Baseball"

Legendary Lineage - Walter Johnson and Stephen Strasburg

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  1. Shoot me an e-mail when you can, I've got a couple of Webbs and a trade idea or two I'd like to run by you. Couldn't find your e-mail address anywhere.