Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Recent Purchases

Here are a few recent McFarlane purchases that I have made. I think there are two McFarlane stores in Arizona, one in Peoria and one in Tempe. The one in Peoria is not too far from where I live, so I stop every once in a while to see what they've got.

However, this one I got at Toys R Us because it was on clearance, and I thought it would look nice next to my Larry Fitzgerald autographed football.

I got this one at the McFarlane store. I'm not a big Joe Morgan fan, but couldn't pass it up for $2.50.

This also came from the McFarlane store. They had these marked down a few months ago and I didn't get one. The next time I went they were all gone. So this last time when I went and saw that they had them again for $3.00 I made sure I picked one up.

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